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Welcome to Bondi Beaches hottest new dining destination! Luis Tans is an exciting and unique venue offering Bondi diners Latin American cuisine with an Asian soul. Co-owners Raul Gonzales, Shane Moran, Nathan Joliffe and Ryan Ginns have brought their past experience in the industry together to create a fun, casual dining experience with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and delicious food.

Some of them look familiar? You might recognise a couple of these reality TV stars. Ryan Ginns was the Big Brother 2014 winner, whilst Nathan Jolliffe was the Amazing Race 2011 victor and Season 2 Celebrity Apprentice Australia contestant.


These edamame were out of this world. Steaming hot with just the right about of crunch, the beans were covered in a tart, lemony, nutty seasoning that had us (literally) licking the bowl.


Los Mayores Martini Espresso $19 & Choco Loco Pisco $19

If lunch at Bondi Beach isn’t reason enough to have cocktails, the fact that these ones were bloody awesome is. I went with the espresso martini as I had skipped breakfast *shock horror* and needed a little pick me up. The Choco Loco was quite different with a lemon lime flavour matched with bitter chocolate, unusually good!


Croquetas de Queso $14.5

These delicious bite size morsels were filled with a delicious molten stracchino cheese and kale filling. The cheese literally oozed out of these crispy golden brown parcels and were made even better by the rich tomato dipping sauce.


Ceviche de Pulp y Cobia $19

A fresh and tangy ceviche of braised octopus and cobia mixed with crunchy palm hearts, spicy jalapenos and peppery radishes. The octopus was actually some of the softest I’ve ever had, while the cobia still stayed fresh and firm.


Ceviche de Salmon $21

On to the next ceviche, this one a lovely salmon dish mixed with a zesty dressing, crunchy shavings of asparagus, fennel and wakame. I loved how the curing process slightly cooks the salmon on the outside while staying fresh on the inside giving a slight textural change with each bite.


Cocido De Res $19.5

A mouth watering plate of 8 hour slow-cooked pork tossed in sticky sweet sesame, miso and citrus dressing. I kid you not this was an incredible dish. The pork effortlessly melts in your mouth, the dressing and scatter herbs exploding with flavour.


Costillas de Res $23

I must have died and gone to heaven when this came to the table. The tomato braised angus beef falls apart at the slightest touch and is so tender from soaking up all the rich and spicy flavours from the tomato salsa on top. The turtle beans add a nice contrast with their soft bite and mild creamy flavour.


Pana Cotta de Limoncillo $14

This was a beautiful little dessert with vibrant colours and flavours. The ginger and lime pana cotta was smooth and creamy with a lovely citric punch. The pineapple granita was cleansing and refreshing going well with the mild heat from the chilli syrup.


L.T. Churros $12.5

Me loves me some churros! Coated in cinnamon sugar the crispy fluffy sticks were perfect dipped in the provided dark chocolate or the *shhhhhh* secret honey sauce.


Fun Fact: So who is Luis? He’s a wealthy and notorious Peruvian hustler back from the 1960’s who married the daughter of one of Japans biggest crime leaders. It’s this tale that’s inspired this South American and Asian fusion.

Luis Tans is a great little lunch spot, sporting delectable food, incredibly delicious cocktails and a killer location. Open for dinner Tuesday to Sunday with lunch on the weekends.

Luis Tans

178 Campbell Parade,
Bondi Beach, Sydney

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