The Saffron Kitchen & Wellstead Shrubs, Rylestone

Nestled in the sleepy town of Rylestone is a hidden culinary gem. The Saffron Kitchen is a unique store and cafe that specialises in quality Australian-grown saffron and saffron-infused products. Owners Katrin and Greg Dixon started Capertee Valley Saffron in 2009 when they discovered their small 100 acres was an ideal environment to grow the spice.

If you’re unfamiliar with saffron, it comes from the Crocus sativus, a vibrant blue/violet flower. When they have fully opened it’s bright red stigmas are collected and dried to make saffron. After drying, the stigmas become a dark red colour and are added to dishes to give them a warm golden yellow to orange colour. On top of that, saffron also has a sweet, woody, pleasantly bitter flavour and a distinctive aroma.

70 blossoming bulbs later Katrin and Greg yielded a small but successful hand picked harvest of saffron and their journey into the world of saffron truly began. Getting into the kitchen, Katrin started experimenting with saffron flavoured products like confectioneries and jams, ultimately leading to the creation of her multi award winning Dessert Syrup.

With the popularity of the products expanding, The Saffron Kitchen was opened. A quaint gourmet style shop, Katrin sells her many wears including not only her sweet products, but a range of savouries like Saffron Spiced Nuts, Saffron Dukkah, even expanding into home made granolas, teas, liqueurs and vinegars. All, of course infused with that vibrant saffron.

While in store, Katrin introduced us to her good friend Clitie Murdoch, owner of Wellstead Shrubs. For those of you who don’t know, shrub is a sweet and sour syrup made by infusing fruits (typically berries) with vinegar, then straining it, adding sugar and reducing it. These delicious liquids have tonnes of uses from oyster dressing to making killer cocktails. Clitie’s shrubs are of  high quality that it’s likely you’ll be tasting her products in some of the trendiest and well established bars in and around Sydney.

Wellstead currently have 3 core small batch ranges, comprising of: 01. Raspberry, 02. Blood Orange, 03 Passionfruit. They also produce a 4th micro batch depending on whatever is in season.

We had a wonderful time at The Saffron Kitchen, meeting two lovely ladies who’s hard work and creativity really shines through their quality products.

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The Saffron Kitchen

Shop 69, Louee Street
Rylstone, NSW

2 Hungry Guys visited as a guest of Destination NSW


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