Market Street Cafe, Mudgee


Our first stop on our Mudgee Adventure was this little gem. Smack bang right in the middle of Market St, Market Street Cafe cute and comfortable little local is popular for pumping out some tasty French inspired dishes.


Not French himself, owner and chef Aaron was inspired by the passion the French have for food and wine and tries to emulate this in his own special way through his dishes. A stickler for local, fresh and seasonal produce, his food is ever changing to showcase the best of the Mudgee region.


Croque Monsieur #$10.50

Oh Mondure! This Croque Monsieur was the perfect belly tamer after a long drive. Rich and oh so French this baby was packed full of hot and gooey ham and cheese then magnificently finished off with a rich creamy bechamel sauce.

DSC01832On top of all this and balancing out the creamy flavours is a sharp and vinegary home made sauerkraut that still has a fresh crunch to it. I can’t begin to describe how devastated I was that I stupidly forgot to add a egg on top of this already amazing dish. Next time mon ame…


Grilled chicken sandwich with house made aioli and fresh salad.

I was so happy to see this monster of a sandwich placed on the table. Too many times have I ordered a sandwich for lunch only to have an oversized piece of bread with minimal fillings stare back at me. Not today! The sandwich was packed full of succulent tender chicken and crisp salad greens smothered in a rich mouth watering house made aioli.


For our first experience of Mudgee, Market Street Cafe really left a lasting impression on us. If this was our first taste of Mudgee, we could only imagine how good the rest of it is.

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Market Street Cafe

79 Market St,
Mudgee, NSW

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