High Valley Wine & Cheese Co, Mudgee

For a taste of Mudgee.

Being super massive fans of cheese, this was on our list from the beginning! Every cheese board we managed to get on our travels throughout the Mudgee Region included atleast one type of High Valley Wine & Cheese. At first I thought it was just because it’s locally sourced, but after trying the cheeses for myself I knew it was because it is simply fantastic, quality cheese.

We were lucky enough to get a private behind the scenes tour of the factory, by the man himself, owner Grosvenor Francis, to see the extensive amount of work involved in making cheese. We saw the three maturing rooms, milk being pasteurised, the cheeses draining and brining and the mould coats growing on the newly made cheeses.

The plant itself is designed to handle 1000lt of milk per batch. The milk is pasteurised and set in a vat where it’s cut and stirred by hand until the curd has reached the desired consistency. It is then “hooped” and pressed before being salted in a brine solution.

High Valley Wine & Cheese have been producing premium wines for the last 18 years and handmade gourmet cheeses for the last decade. They produce four different marinated fettas. Have you ever heard anything sound so good? All are produced from soft, lactic curd cow’s milk fetta and come either in Pesto Fetta, Olive Fetta, Chilli Fetta or Tomato Fetta.

Their other cheeses which are equally as good include:

  • High Valley Caerphilly – a sharp, crumbly young cheddar
  • High Valley Brie – a soft and buttery cheese
  • High Valley Mudgee Rouge – a strong flavoured cheese that develops as it ages
  • High Valley Stefan Blue – a soft and earthy blue with a creamy texture.
  • High Valley Colly Blue – a harder, stronger variation of their Blue Cheese with delicate marbling and a distinctive flavour

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High Valley Wine & Cheese Co

137 Ulan Road
Mudgee, NSW 2850

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