Alby & Esther’s, Mudgee


Nestled away in Market St is Alby & Esther’s. A quaint little eatery with big flavours and a welcoming atmosphere. Step into their gorgeous courtyard and find yourself in a unique and intimate setting where you can sit back, relax and really enjoy great food and wine. Named after owner Lara’s grandparents, who’s wholesome family meals and memories inspired her to create a space that emulates that feeling.


Locally Made Kefir Waters + Kombucha $7

After a long day of heavy eating and drinking, wine was the last thing on our mind. So when these drinks were recommended to us we took it. We didn’t realise how much a day of wine drinking had dehydrated us and these sweet refreshing brews were the perfect thing to quench our thirst.


Alby + Esther Platter to Share $35

We started with a packed board full of mixed charcuterie, a wonderfully creamy cheese, olives, fresh salad, beetroot relish, quiche and some crusty toasted sourdough and crackers to eat it all up with. Excellent eating for a light dinner or shared starter.


Melrose Eggplant with Labne + Za’atar $10

The great dishes kept kicking on with this simple yet delicious roast eggplant. The pieces were soft and tender, the skin the only thing keeping them together. The labne and za’atar added a beautiful flavour. I particularly enjoyed the scattered drops of sour black dressing. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was, but I couldn’t get enough of it.


Lamb Kofta with Tahini Dressing + Pumpkin $15

The first thing I noticed about this dish was the mouth watering aroma wafting from the plate. The second was the beautiful vibrant colours. The small tender balls of spiced lamb were the perfect bite size pieces to demolish all in one go. The creamy, nutty and earthy flavour of the tahini really complimented the savoury meat, while the sweetness of the pumpkin and beetroot balanced it out nicely.

All in all we thoroughly enjoyed our meal at Alby & Esther’s quaint little eatery. After a long ‘hard’ day, it was great to sit back and relax in a warm and comforting environment where you can enjoy wholesome and affordable food. During the day or at night (in warmer weather) make sure you have your meal in the adorable little courtyard.

P.S. A local tip from around town is that they also make a killer cup of coffee.

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Alby & Esther’s

Up the Alleyway
61 Market Street,
Mudgee, NSW 2850

2 Hungry Guys dined as a guest of Destination NSW


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