29 Nine 99, Rylstone

Our final stop on our little weekend adventure took us to a late lunch in Rylstone, a scenic 40 minutes drive from Mudgee. Our destination was 29 Nine 99, a quaint little eatery known for their fantastic al fresco style home made yum cha dumplings and Chinese tea.

The name seemed a little odd to me but after asking owner Na Lan about it she explained that the restaurant is named after the date she married her Australian husband. An absolutely adorable story from an absolutely adorable lady.

The beautiful seating area is situated in a large grassy park-like space at the back of the heritage like building. Walking in we were pleased to see the area was thriving with people, including large groups and families. We previously heard hungry diners travelling from near and far for Na Lan’s yum cha and by the looks of enjoyment on everyone’s faces, it’s well worth the drive.

We started out with a fragrant cup of tea made with Jasmine Downy Pearls. Delicate and aromatic, this nutrient rich tea is full of anti-oxidants and is great for the digestive system. It’s also excellent for cutting through the rich savoury flavours of the dumplings.

After our long drive we were quite hungry. Looking at the yum cha options of 6, 8, 10 or 12 pieces each with tea, we opted for the 10 piece menu plus a pork bun. For $27 per person, you are given a combination of dim sims and dumplings including vegetables, seafood and meat. Obviously if you don’t like one of the options you can ask for it not to be included, but being the least fussy eaters EVER we were happy for them to surprise us with their choices.

Within the next hour plate after plate of steaming parcels were placed on our table only for us to set upon them like malnourished wolves. These were some seriously good dumplings. Each one had a unique and delicious flavour and you could easily tell how fresh and quality the ingredients were. After the savouries were done we indulged in a sweet custard sweet bun which was the perfect send off to a wonderful weekend.

If you’re around the Mudgee region and in the mood for a quick, affordable and downright delicious lunch I would highly recommend getting down to this little slice of China.

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29 Nine 99

28 Louee Street
Rylstone, NSW 2849

2 Hungry Guys dined as a guest of Destination NSW


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