Rengaya, North Sydney


Situated right in front of North Sydney Station, Rengaya has been Australia’s first and finest Japanese BBQ restaurant in Australia since 1993. Using only the finest ingredients such as Wagyu Beef and incredibly fresh seafood, Rengaya is a North Sydney institution of good food, hospitable service and I must admit, a bit of fun.


Orange and Passion fruit Chu-hai $15.8

Our experience started with this fun DIY cocktail. Coming with a fresh orange and passion fruit half, the idea is that you juice the fruit and add it to the glass, followed by the cheeky shot of Japanese vodka, then top it up with the fizzy lemonade for a deliciously refreshing drink. Also available with other fruits such as grapefruit and lime.


Salmon Belly and Kingfish Sashimi $17.9

Quite easily the best sashimi I’ve ever had, and that’s high praise from a sashimi lover like me. The salmon was irresistibly fatty and creamy, expertly and delicately cut by the very skilled chef.


Wagyu ‘Yukke” $13.9

I nearly broke out in tears of joy when this was placed in front of be. So simple, so fresh, so beautiful. And that goes for the flavour as well. The tender beef was mixed with a delicious mix of sesame oil, garlic and chopped shallots, then finished with a gorgeous egg yolk that when mixed in with everything makes a rich and creamy mouthful.


Wagyu OX-Tongue $33.9

These thick cut slices were divine on the grill. Juicy and tender, they were simply seasoned with salt, pepper and oil.


A lot of people would cringe from eating ox tongue but it really is one of those meats that you eat and think, why has it taken me so long to eat this!


Premium Wagyu Assortment $49.9

A premium selection of different and fresh wagyu cuts such as Rib Finger, Loin, Oyster Blade, Rib and Tongue. All these to cook yourself on the hot grill. Hell yes!


The best thing about wagyu beef is the incredible fat marbling that exists in the meat. Over the hot grill the fat melts into the meat giving it an incredible flavour and crust.


Premium Pork Shabu-Shabu $15.90

Mooooooving away from the cow and into the pig we couldn’t resist getting these delicious slices of pork loin. Dipped in the provided BBQ and soy sauces for a DIY marinade, the caramelised smokey flavour was a perfect end to our grilled meat selection.


Stone Pot Bibimba $14.9

I was a little surprise to find one of my favourite Korean dishes in a Japanese restaurant but hey, if it’s on the menu why not? Filled with vegetables, beef, seaweed, a raw egg and rice, the stone bowl comes out super hot. The idea is to mix in the accompanying miso, chilli paste and raw egg all together to create a hot delicious mess. The best part is eating the crunchy rice that’s absorbed all the flavour on the bottom of the pot.


Be prepared to eat ALOT at Rengaya. One plate after the other, there’s something about watching your meat sizzle in front of you that just makes you want more and more. Add to that the pleasant and traditional setting, you’ll feel like you stepped right into a Tokyo feast.



73 Miller Street,
North Sydney, Sydney, NSW

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