You Chews: Corporate Catering for Sydney Foodies

You Chews is a platform that is giving foodies and corporate clients of Sydney easy access to a curated and exclusive selection of the best local cafes, restaurants and chefs in your area for all your catering needs. They work closely with these passionate foodies to specially design You Chews catering packages featuring the highest quality food at great value AND they handle all of the catering logistics, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Sit back and relax while the best food magically appears at your event!

You Chews have made it their goal to eliminate all those soggy, white bread sandwiches, defrosted spring rolls by the dozen and quiches that are so dry, you need to smother them in that average, home brand tomato sauce. They are replacing these office nightmares with insanely delicious alternatives (like the ones featured in our slide show above).

Founder Liz Kaelin (Pictured) has a passion for food like no other (maybe even more than us!) and after eating one to many stale boring catering sandwiches, decided that things needed to change.

So how does it work? Easy! Simply “chews” from the plethora of different and exciting catering packages you like best from their online platform, pick a date and time and bam! Simple, easy and efficient. If you’re looking for something different or need a customised menu, they are more than happy to oblige.

I recently got to experience You Chews first hand for a 20 person work function I was holding. After going through the quick and simple ordering process a week beforehand, Liz showed up impeccably on time bearing trays of steaming hot and incredibly fresh food. We enjoyed creamy potato bake, roast veggies, succulent and tender roast chicken, lemon and oregano potatoes and a Greek and beetroot salad.

The quality of food was what really got me and my co-workers. I watched smiling as they piled their plates high, demolished them and then went back for seconds. What surprised me most of all was that after we were finished there was still a heap of left overs. It certainly was value for money.

I would definitely think of You Chews for my next corporate event, their ease of use, professionalism, and great range of delicious food options was a real winner for me.

You can find You Chews here…


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