Rhondas at Terrigal

Rhondas (2)

Rhondas at Terrigal

Whether you’re interested in a relaxed dining experience, a convivial air for a business meeting or event, or you’re simply looking for a great night out, Rhonda has you covered! So who is Rhonda you ask? Rhonda is an eclectic woman of the world, graciously cultivated by a life of travel during the 80’s. She is someone who loves surrounding herself with good people and good vibes and her time abroad has instilled in her an insatiable desire for great food, amazing wine and exquisite cocktails. Rhonda is of course an establishment but it’s these ideals that are at the very heart of what they do.

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Sweet Potato Chips

I could eat these forever. And many people do – they come in for drinks and just keep ordering these bad boys until they finish drinking. The sweet potato is sliced very finely so that they keep their crispiness. They are salted perfectly and are very light.

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Savoury Cones

These are literally like eating a savoury Cornetto. At the top you get this heavenly salsa resting on a fluffy cloud of avocado wrapped in a lightly fried thin cone. All the flavours rush into your mouth at once and you just want more and more.

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Soft Shell Crab

These delicate little crabs have just the right amount of tempura and pack an awesome flavour punch. It seems that God himself created these little critter’s simply for us to deep fry them. I really enjoyed the little tangy bed of crunchy kimchi.

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Cheech & Chong ($18) and Divine ($18)

Cheech & Chong’s initial flavour is sweet and tangy, but what really hits you is the smoky barbeque. This drink is really quite special with the smoky taste lingering in your mouth. The Divine is gin based. Light and frothy – the egg white on top is smooth and builds up for the surprise of a simple fruity sweet and sour taste. A star of anise sits above the egg white to provide a nice fragrance with each sip.

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Wagyu Burger

Quite possibly the best burger in the area. All the fillings in this are fresh and cooked brilliantly. Sometimes a burger is too saucy, sometimes too dry – this one is neither. There is definitely a good amount of sauce keeping it juicy, but its flavour doesn’t take over from the fillings inside. The brioche bun provides that bit of sweetness to the well-salted plate.

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Oh man. No words can describe how incredibly awesome this thing is. But I’ll definitely try. What they have done is get the traditional garlic prawns and put a Greek twist to it. First, the prawns are plump and juicy. Second, the feta pieces bring a creamy saltiness to the dish to contrast the sourness of the tomato flavour. But, that sauce! I couldn’t get enough of it. Thank goodness they give you char-grilled triangles of tortilla to dip and eat, although I would have preferred a nice hunk of crusty bread to soak it all up.

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Angostura ($18-$19)

Mike Tomasic won the Angostura Cocktail Challenge in 2014 and came up with a cocktail that combined Angostura, banana, and honey. A must try for any rum appreciators.

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Duck Confit Ravioli

The al dente ravioli is a good spot for the duck to be in as it keeps the meat moist and tender as it soaks up the sauce. The sauce is a porcini jus and the aroma coming off this dish is simply mouth watering. With each piece of ravioli, you get a parmesan wafer, which adds a great crunch and flavour.

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Chocolate fondant

If you’re worried about chocolate that is too rich – don’t be. The fondant was warm and moist covered in an outer layer that has a nice crispiness to it. I really am a sucker for a fondant with an oozing chocolate centre. It speaks to me in ways I’m sure many can understand. Combine it with a bit of Persian fairy floss, creamy vanilla ice cream, and toffee and you’ve quite the dessert.

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Peach Crème Brulee

First and foremost, the glaze on top definitely has the crunch you need in a crème brulee. Top points for that. The luscious centre was light and smooth with the flavour of peach permeating through each mouthful. The adorning peach slice on top was surprisingly full of tang with the accompanying almond biscotti light as a feather.

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There’s a very intimate feel to this buzzing establishment with its dim amber lighting and dark timber furnishings. Fast becoming Terrigal’s favourite hotspot as they are the only restaurant in the area that has the latest opening licence. I really couldn’t fault this place and you can easily have a great time with any amount of people.

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Rhondas At Terrigal

3-5 Kurrawyba Avenue
Terrigal, NSW, 2260

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Contributed by Jennifer, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys



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