Bombini Restaurant & Bar at Avoca Beach

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Situated at Avoca Beach, on a leafy two acres in one of the Central Coast’s oldest homesteads, Bombini by Cameron and Hayley Cansdell offers modern Italian cuisine with an emphasis on fresh produce selected from Australia and Italy. With a focus on sustainability for the land, the property includes an on-site vegetable garden and chickens. The restaurant features a three course a la carte menu, with antipasto, cocktails and a diverse wine list available in the separate, generously-sized terrace bar.

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Roast carrots with braised lentils, grated horseradish, mint, almond and olive oil cream ($19)

The carrots and lentils were perfectly cooked through and went perfectly with the fresh mint. The hidden star of the dish was the mild almond and olive oil cream which secretly brought everything together.

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House-made potato gnocchi with a ragu of veal & wild hare in red wine with Grana padano ($23)

All the elements of this dish worked really well together. The tender morsels of meat soaked up all the juices of this dish making every bite an explosion of flavour.

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Fish stew – king prawns, pippies, black mussels & mulloway with tomato and saffron, lime mayonnaise ($33)

This dish was jam packed with a large variety of seafood and they definitely don’t skimp out here. The tomato broth was superb with its rich and warm flavour, while the seafood was cooked to perfection.

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Slow-roast Berkshire pork shoulder with cavalo nero. Pino’s smoked bacon & parmesan gratinata, Di Coppi’s chestnuts & La Tamerici mustard fruit ($33)

The first thing you’ll want to try is the crackling. The second it touches your taste buds to when you bite into it and feel that crunch, you know this dish is going to be great. There’s also a small element of sweetness to the crackling as you discover that it’s sitting on top of a small bed of mustard fruit. The saltiness of the bacon hidden within the juiciness of the cabbage is balanced by the toasty parmesan flakes on top. The pork shoulder itself is beautifully tender and goes well by itself or combined with all the other elements of the dish.

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Bomini “Raspberries & Cream” ($14)

There were three prominent layers to this dessert. At the bottom you have the smooth velvety cream, followed by a fluffy meringue in the middle, and on top, is a giant scoop of absolutely delicious raspberry sorbet. At Bomini, they churn their own ice creams and sorbets and you can really taste that personal touch.

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Amedei chocolate torta with candied morello cherries, almond cream ($15)

This dessert is great on a cold winter’s day. The warm centre simply melts in your mouth whilst the almond cream, shavings of chocolate and candied cherries really brought on memories of black forest cakes and Christmas.

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This was a fantastic lunch! The place really has a modern rustic feel too it. During lunch time it seems like many families come together to relax and enjoy good food and service, to which I can happily attest to.

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Bombini Restaurant & Bar at Avoca Beach

366 Avoca Drive,
Kincumber, NSW, 2251

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Contributed by Jennifer, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys



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