QuickBottle: alcohol delivered straight to your home

QuickBottle: alcohol delivered straight to your home
QuickBottle: alcohol delivered straight to your home

A company that’s changing the way people buy alcohol.

QuickBottle is a fast, easy and competitively priced alcohol home delivery service. Simply ordered what you want online and have it delivered, straight to your door withing 40 minutes.

Founder Marc Chris explains, “As a wine wholesaler, we pass the benefits of high volume turnover to our clients, our wine prices and deals are a steal. Although beers and spirits are a tough market, our 6pack range is very well priced even better than a lot of bottle shops – a 6pack of Peroni for $18-19.99 delivered chilled is a great deal. We are working very hard to match bottle shop prices and eventually beat them and this will definitely happen with higher volumes. All in all, considering the convenience we offer and the industry standard, our service is a pinch.”

QuickBottle currently services the Sydney CBD area, the Eastern Suburbs, Inner West and Lower North Shore. Plans are in place to expand into Melbourne and Brisbane in the near future.

Simply visit Quickbottle at: www.quickbottle.com.au

For a limited time only, we are offering our readers an extra 5% discount on top of the 10% discount already received for opening an account. That’s a total of 15% off your first order of alcohol delivered right to your door. Simply enter the coupon code – 2hungryguys to receive your discount.


  1. Terrible service – prices are super high and they’re trying way too hard to deliver everywhere. Should just stick to a small area to start. There is also a lot of competition in this area including Jimmy Brings, Booze Hound and Wine Run which offer equally good if not better services. Plus their bottle shop partnerships are difficult to see happening due to NSW’s stringent liquor licenses restrictions.


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