Our Top 5 Favourite Greek Gyros finds in Sydney


Gyros, Yeeros, Yiro! Call it what you want but we all know it, love it and need it in our lives. There’s no better cure for a grumbling belly than those piping hot pita wrapped goodies. The Gyros scene has seemingly exploded in Sydney with shops popping up every which way, and we couldn’t be happier. So in celebration of this mouth-watering Greek street food here is our Top 5 Favourite Greek Gyros finds in Sydney.

Zeus Street Greek, Drummoyne


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You know Zeus, right? Ancient Greek God, holds a lightning bolt and rules over Mount Olympus. Well, he’s a stylishly presented little eatery in Drummoyne, serving amazingly great food at a very affordable price. Often brimming with happy customers the atmosphere has a relaxed casual vibe, making you feel like part of the family.

Yiro Yiro Greek Street Food, Belmore


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In the heart of Belmore lies Yiro Yiro, a proud provider of delicious Greek food to the locals. Founded by Con Boucas, Yiro Yiro is all about quality ingredients and great taste. With a range of Greek classics to satisfy any hunger, from gyros to souvlaki and fresh fried haloumi, check out Yiro Yiro for your next hunger fix.

Plateia – Where Friends Meet, Potts Point


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The Potts Point locals seem to love this joint, and for good reason. With huge portion sizes and quality food this place is undoubtedly value for money. As the name states, ‘Where friends meet’, you’ll definitely get that welcoming vibe as you enter the restaurant. Specialising in traditional and authentic Greek food, Plateia is a fantastic place to grab a quick feed on the go or to dine with friends to have a good feast.

EAT GRK, Beverly Hills


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One of the newest additions to the Gyros scene, EAT GRK brings the best Greek food to the streets. They offer simple, authentic cooking methods combined with the freshest ingredients and have created an atmosphere where people would happily come back week after week. Match a tasty gyro with their amazing haloumi chips, and revel in life’s culinary wonders.

Gyros Fix, Five Dock

4. Lamb Gyros

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Gyros Fix is a family-run business that serves traditional gyros and what they refer to as Greece’s ‘best kept secret’, Skepasti. Sitting on a corner of busy Queens Road in the Inner West, it’s relatively new to Sydney’s Gyros scene and serves fresh, no-frills Greek food at its best. Their lamb gyros is easily the most popular menu item and for good reason…

Dear readers, think we’ve missed a top Gyros store in Sydney? Is one of your favourites not on our list? Let us know below in the comments.


    • GRK Traditional Souvlaki on King Street Mascot is by far the most authentic and tasty gyros and souvlaki bar. Most of the employees are Greeks from Greece and you feel like you have been transported to a neighbourhood platea in Athens!

      • If you think this is authentic in taste you have not got a glue and I mean none. Greek employees doesn’t make it authentic.
        The pitas are rubbish they are processed to death they don’t even brush them with oil before cooking them. The chips are dead, the oregano on the chips is tasteless. The souvlakia are seasoned poorly even the tomatoes used are dead last quality.
        The service is great, the food is average.

    • The Eate in Dulwich Hill has to be one of the best in my opinion. The Lamb off the spit is unbelievable good, and the toppings are unique but feel traditional. How a Gyros (Yiros) was intended too taste. Balanced, real lamb fresh herbs, ripe tomato. Greek food is fresh and vibrant not cheap and Kebab like. Even the the bread is Get F#$ked! Love it.

  1. We had a lamb gyros at Gyros Fix on the weekend and I agree that they should be on this list. The bread had a wonderful texture and the lamb was cooked and seasoned to perfection. The hand-cut chips were crunchy on the outside and soft & flavoursome on the inside. Recommended!

  2. Not sure if you guys tried but I really recommend Traditional Grydiko in Bexley (they’ve just opened another store Rosebery, but I still think the original is more authentic).
    These guys do a great job, they pack so much ingredients into the Pita that only the wrapper can hold it together.

  3. Dear Hungry Guys,
    I believe you haven missed out on probably the best and busiest gyros place in Sydney aka Kefi Souvlaki Bar in Kingsgrove. As far as Gyros fix is concerned, I would say it’s good but not good enough to be in the top 5.
    Try Kingsgrove!

  4. Coming from Melbourne I cant find Gyros cooked over coal anywhere. Its all done on the kebab heaters. The taste between the 2 are miles apart. Zeus do it but they are more sovla. I cant understand how different the greek food is between Sydney and Melbourne. its crazy.

  5. Guys, I took your advise and visited Zeus at Drummoyne. What a disappointment. We ordered drinks, appetizers (dip trio and chips with fetta) and 3 “jimmy’s classic”. The souvlakis came first. They were cold. I mean cold and we send them back. The chips came and they were cold as well. The pita that accompanied the dips were hot, microwave hot and soggy. The souvlakis returned and this time were just warm. As for the filling, it did not look like yeros. It looked more like pulled pork and tasteless. What was presented was nothing like the photos on your site or the photos on the menu. We left extremely disappointed with our choice.

  6. Has anyone tried Kerasma Souvlaki Merchant at Newtown?
    I went and their gyros plates are yummo! They also do a great selection of deserts which are all home made. Their Nutella loukoumades are devine!

  7. I’ve tried them all and they were all good. The stand out for me was the pork gyro at Gyros Fix at Five Dock. Here’s an idea, how about……. You know what?…… I think I’ll keep it to myself. What I am going to say though is “its about bloody time”.

  8. The fact the Yeeros Shop is not here is a bit of joke, this hands down accepted as the best gyros in Sydney (Coming from the Greeks). The Drummoyne one is pretty ordinairy tbh…

  9. I’m very surprised The Hellenic is not on this list. The food is very traditional (home made), it is clear the meats are put together daily in person. Most other places around Sydney utilise processed foods. This doesn’t appear to be the case at The Hellenic. The Magas Pita (bifteki) is crazy, so good. Zeus is very disappointing…. Over priced, commercialised and not Greek at all

  10. Kefi at Kingsgrove is by far the best Gyro in Sydney (my opinion) awesome flavours, good service and sit down area. Zeus is very disappointing, I can’t understand their sucsess, food is below average, overpriced, friendly staff my experience. The problem is that you are waiting for that explosive flavour hit that never arrives. I would rather eat at Whats-up Brothers in Condell Park.


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