ChocoLAB: Create your own chocolate bar

Create your dream chocolate bar.

Tired of the same, old, boring chocolate bar combinations and flavours? Ever had a favourite chocolate block but it became discontinued?

We have the answer for you. ChocoLAB. Co-founders Veronique Eldridge-Smith and Spencer Walden have created an online store where you can create your very own chocolate blocks. You choose your base chocolate block and then add any ingredient from their extensive lists that you want.

Step 1: Choose either a white, milk or dark Belgian chocolate base.

Step 2: Choose from over 50 toppings. These include confectionary such as cookie dough, nerds, mini marshmallows, liquorice or m&m’s. Choose your spices or powders such as chilli powder, cinnamon, milo or sherbet. If you’re one of those healthy people (are there even any?!) you can add a selection of fruit toppings of mango, blueberries, apricots, cranberries and more. Biscuits such as Oreos or mint slices and a selection of nuts from hazelnuts, macadamias, almonds or peanuts.

Step 3: Your chocolate is hand crafted by professional chocolatiers.

Step 4: Delivered straight to your door to enjoy.

We ordered the following and found that these were super easy to create online. Once ordered, they were created and delivered to us within one week. That’s pretty impressive.

Block 1: Finest Milk Chocolate, Mini marshmallows, Mini M&Ms, Raspberries, Strawberries – $10.35

Block 2: Finest White Chocolate, Nerds, Gummy bears, Sour gummy worms, Sherbet – $8.75

Block 3: Finest Dark Chocolate, Turkish Delight, Cranberries, Figs, Candied Orange Peel, Almonds – $13.70

Block 4: Milk and Cookies Bar – Finest Belgian White Chocolate with crushed Oreos – $8.50

Block 5: Triple Cookie Threat – Milk Chocolate with Oreos, Tim Tams and Mint Slice Cookies – $7.00

Treat 6: Double Coated Oreo – White and Milk Chocolate $1.50

Visit Chocolab here:

SPECIAL OFFER FOR OUR READERS: Order before Midnight on Sunday 5th of July (AEST time) and get 15% off your order by entering the coupon code – hungryguys

2 Hungry Guys received complementary chocolate bars from ChocoLAB


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