Chanoma Café, Sydney CBD


Calling all matcha/green tea lovers! Chanoma Cafe has been a crowd favourite for a number of years to get their fix for Japanese matcha desserts and drinks. It is conveniently located near Town Hall station inside Regent Place which is booming with tasty Japanese food outlets.


Matcha Parfait

Their matcha parfait is definitely an extravagant treat jam packed with crunchy and chewy goodies and smothered with matcha soft serve ice cream of course!


It was a little bit of a challenge to eat but we strategically took off the ice cream cone and stuffed it with the ingredients from the cup. There’s chocolate wafers, chewy mochi, strawberries, sweet potato cubes and red bean.


It was actually a great combination of flavours and wasn’t too sweet like you would expect. Under the mountain of cream was also a spoonful of corn flakes which was interesting but it helped add a sweetness and crunchiness to the matcha.

Matcha Shiramata Float (1)

Matcha Shiratama Float

Another exciting iced matcha drink which was topped with a swirl of matcha soft serve ice cream plus mochi too. Just like you would expect from matcha, it is a little bit bitter but the ice cream gives it a more creamy texture and flavour. You really can’t go wrong.

Sweet Azuki Frappe

Sweet Azumi Frappe

I you’re not feeling in the matcha mood, Chanoma Cafe also serve a range of red bean drinks too. I’m a huge fan of red bean so this was actually quite delicious. It is quite sweet however but it complemented my hot dog really well.


Chanoma Cheese Dog

If you’re after something more savoury, they also have Japanese hot dogs (Japa-Dogs) on offer. This Japa-dog actually has a curry flavour and was stuffed with cabbage with cheese melted over the kransky and bread. It isn’t overloaded with cheese which actually brings out more of the curry and doesn’t make it too heavy. Their hot dog bread is almost like brioche, so it’s a little bit sweet but not as soft.

Spicy Meat Lovers (1)

Spicy Meat Lovers Dog

I love spicy and I love meat so this was an obvious choice. Amongst the kransky, it is also stuffed with miso pork mince, white beans, spanish chorizo and drizzled with mayo. With so much jam packed in the hot dog, it is full of flavour and quite creamy in texture. The spice level was perfect for me but it might be considered a little too spicy for the average person. Nonetheless, you can always cool down with one of their drinks or parfait.


Chanoma Cafe

Shop 1, Regent Place Arcade,
501 George Street,
CBD, Sydney, NSW

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Contributed by Kyrstal, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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