Johnny Lobster, Crows Nest

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Nestled in the heart of Crows Nest village is Johnny Lobster, a fish and chips restaurant that delivers an atomic flavour assault fit for the universal palate. We swear, if aliens knew this place existed there would be plenty of UFO sightings in the neighbourhood.

Sitting down, we loved the deliberate minimalistic approach to the décor with its white tiled walls, wooden panelled floors and brightly coloured seating ensemble. Of particular interest for you regular fish and chips shop goers is the quintessential “hand and elbow test” rating. Resting your hands and elbows on the table tops did not make you want to reach for the hand sanitiser. It was non-greasy and surgically clean earning 5 stars!

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This Aussie start-up company comes from the brains trust of two mates Andrew and Jason. It distinguishes itself from the competition by sourcing its fish and vegetables from markets daily. Even better, all sauces, fish batters and seasoning are homemade, attributing to the uniqueness in flavour.

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Their all-day “no fuss” menu offers outstanding value with its old classics and signature hand rolls. This place is perfect for lunch time interludes, whether you are after sit down or simply grab and go. They offer a unique drinks menu where the standouts are the refreshing, fruity cocktails. We tried the Green Apples as well as the Watermelon which are born from liquid dreams. A must have when you go!

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Let’s traverse into the food. We got stuck into the signature double cut hand rolls which were amazing. The breads are sourced locally every day and were baker fresh with a hint of sweetness.

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Soft shell crab rolls (Siracha mayo, slaw, spring onion)

Amazeballs! Who would have thought that Sebastien from the Little Mermaid could taste this good. “ Under the sea, under the sea nobody beat us fry us and eat us
in fricassee..” Sorry, we digress. Crunchy on the outside and soft and succulent on the inside. Nothing soggy. There were legs aplenty bursting through the sandwich walls. The Thai influenced siracha was mildly spicy and not overbearing, adding a kick in the legs (excuse the pun). Slaw with bean sprouts and spring onions added a notable textured crunch.

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Prawn rolls (Fried New Orleans style, peach & corn salsa, remoulade)

The battered prawns were tenderlicous retaining its full flavour. Tangy remoulade was beautifully balanced with a hint of spiciness complimenting the prawns well. Popping corn kernels and gherkins added to the crunchy bits of fun. Yum!

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Fried chicken roll (Cajun style, Hot sauce, slaw)

Loved it! Loved it! I can see why it is a favourite amongst the locals. These chicken tenderloins dusted in homemade Cajun spices were cooked to perfection. The hot sauce was simply irresistible, regulating the flavours and crispy textures of the chicken and slaw. Wow! There is certainly an opportunity to spin-off a second shop over here guys, giving the local chicken restaurants a serious run for their money.

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Johnny Lobster

48 Willoughby Road,
Crows Nest, Sydney, NSW

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