The Sardine Room, Potts Point


Funnily enough it’s not only the phenomenal food that keeps patrons coming back to The Sardine Room, it’s the owner Angela. Never have I met anyone with such a zest for life and food. The words “come in dear, let momma feed you” are heard as locals stop by simply to say hello to this darling woman. Diners become regulars and regulars become family at Angela’s little Potts Point eatery, and after you read below, you’ll want to join the family too.


Natural rock oysters or w pickled cucumber & salmon roe or tempura & wasabi mayo   22/38

We had to start the meal with oysters, and with a variety like this, why the hell wouldn’t we? I’m usually a stickler for people eating their oysters al natural but I’ve got to say my favourite were the crispy tempura ones. Golden brown with a light batter the flavour of the oyster seems to intensify as its cooked. The delicious kick from the wasabi mayo didn’t hurt either.


 Indian spiced king prawns w pickled watermelon & goats cheese salad    18

The aromatics from these juicy kings were enough to make me drool. Being incredibly fresh the prawn meat still had a little bounce in its step, with the smokiness of the grill really accentuating that Indian spice.


Seared scallops w cauliflower puree, crispy pancetta & beetroot chips    18

More plump beauties of the sea. The thing that really set these apart was the crispy little bits of pancetta adorning the scallops. Add that crunch and saltiness to the butteriness of the scallops and creaminess of the cauliflower puree and you have yourself a winner of an entrée.


Squid ink & egg yolk ravioli with crabmeat, lemon thyme beurre blanc & salmon roe    18

Easily the best dish of the night. Named best egg yolk ravioli in Sydney, this was an experience in itself. I seriously wanted to get jiggy with this, it was so good. The parcel of jet black pasta is best eaten whole, as cutting it would waste the golden yolk inside. The richness of the egg is intensified by the sharp buttery sauce and the salmon roe bursts in all their salty glory.


Baked white fish moussaka w potato, roasted eggplant & breadcrumb shallot crust

Shocking yiayia’s (Greek word for grandmother) all around was this seafood spin on a Greek classic. The fish was baked to perfection staying firm and flaky, while the eggplant pretty much did the opposite soaking up all the creamy goodness and literally melting in your mouth.


Fried crispy whole baby red snapper with onion, chilli, ginger & sweet soy glaze

And finally this beast was set down on our table. The one that people keep coming back for. Deep fried, its astounding how crispy the outer layer is despite the flesh being so succulent underneath. Regardless of all the food we ate, we absolutely demolished this bad boy.


Rosewater & vanilla pannacotta w roasted pistachios & pomegranate praline

Just look at this gorgeous creation. The crystalline cage of sweetness encloses a lush, smooth pannacotta that’s like silk in the mouth. With hints of Turkish delight, this was definitely a table pleaser.


Spiced poached apple & pear crumble w orange & ginger crust & icecream

A lovely little dessert, the pear was perfectly poached leaving it soft with just a hint of bite. The orange and ginger crust brought back Christmas memories of scoffing down and demolishing a whole gingerbread house.


Chocolate, coconut & sour cherry brownie  with vanilla icecream & warm chocolate sauce

Hello chocolate heaven! An interesting brownie, the texture has a satisfying bite to it due to its all natural ingredients. Add the choc-cherry coconut combo and it’s a cherry ripe on a whole other level.

Has momma feed you yet?

The Sardine Room

31-35 Challis Avenue,
Potts Point, NSW, 2011

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