Cottage Point Inn Restaurant, Cottage Point


Nestled on the banks of the beautiful Hawkesbury River is the quite and elegant Cottage Point Inn Restaurant. A little under an hours drive from the Sydney CBD, this gorgeous 1 hatted restaurant plays host to panoramic views of the Hawkesbury whilst you dine on some absolutely phenomenal food created by Head Chef Guillaume Zika. A young talented Frenchman who earned his stripes working in three Michelin starred restaurants across New York, Paris and London.

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Deepfried Artichoke Pops

We started the meal off with these crispy little artichoke hearts. Perfectly seasoned with that earthy artichoke flavour. Seriously decent stuff.


Veal Tartare Seasoned with Oyster & Lemon Dressing, Cucumber & Tarragon, Caper Crackers 28

I know I say this all the time, but this actually was the best tartare I’ve ever had. The meaty mix was just prefect with the soft veal intermixed with the crunchy cucumber and zesty lemon. Matched with the salty caper crackers. Perfection.


White Pepper Cured & Smoked Ocean Trout, Roast Hazelnut, Pickled Crème Fraîche   30

A beautiful dish both aesthetically and taste wise. The trout has a nice punch to it from the pepper cure, while the creme crème fraîche balanced out the natural oiliness and gives everything a light fresh taste.


Roast Spatchcock, Peanut & Parmesan Crumbed Endive, Chickpea Puree, Roast Garlic Jus   45

There was a nice balance between the soft crunch from the crumbed endive and the moist tender spatchcock meat. Laying on a creamy chickpea puree the meat seemed to suck in the roasted garlicy goodness from the jus.


Ox Cheek Cooked in Apple Juice, Roast Parsnip & Jerusalem Artichoke, Ox Tongue, Mustard & Puffed Quinoa   45

What a dish! To say the meat was tender would be the understatement of the year. The words “melt in your mouth” have never been so literal. I just couldnt get enough of this. The meat had a savoury sweet flavour from the apple juice, which was balanced by the mustard. The Jerusalem artichokes brought some earthiness to the mix while the puffed quinoa added some crunch.


Roquefort Cheese & Green Apple Jelly

I know it may sound weird but this was my favourite dish of the day. A simple green apple jelly plays host to a single candied walnut and a drool worthy blue cheese foam. The flavour combo worked so perfectly and I was left scraping the glass clean.


Mandarine Vacherin, Sour Honey Powder, Organic Yoghurt, Meringue   19

Damn that’s pretty! This gorgeous dessert was as delectable as it was beautiful with a hard meringue sphere hollowed out and piped with a mandarine sorbet like filling. A fun and refreshing dish.


Chestnut Tartlet, Chestnut Jam, Rum & Chestnut Cream, Grated Raw Chestnuts  19

When I think of winter foods my mind goes straight to chestnuts. Sitting by the fire with a handful of those roasted goodies is a fond memory and cherished family tradition. So I was very please to see this chestnut tartlet on the dessert menu. The rich comforting flavour is in practically every aspect of this dish from a jam to a cream, with a subtle bite from the raw shavings on top.


As you can see the menu is pretty incredible and alongside the view from the restaurant it makes for an unbeatable experience. There’s also boutique accommodation available for those patrons that want make the experience event better and stay the night.

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Cottage Point Inn Restaurant

2 Anderson Place,
Cottage Point, NSW 2084

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