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Opened in the lavish Intercontinental Sydney, 117 Dining is passionately dedicated to bringing the best from the land and sea, inspired by Sydney’s heritage, multiculturalism and metropolitan life. The phenomenal cuisine focuses not only on the high quality local seafood and livestock but also the extraordinary bounty of Asian influences that has taken root in Sydney.


Points for the quality Pepe Saya butter, which I shamelessly used to cover the warm sourdough provided.


Pork Jowl

Talk about getting the taste buds going. The first thing that caught me was the intoxicating meaty smell of the pork, so good it almost made me break my cardinal rule: ‘the camera always eats first’. Using all my willpower I snapped off a quick shot and let my animal instincts take over. The pork was everything I imagined and more. Soft, flavoursome and moreish. All I could think was “Wow, this is just the beginning!”


Hutt River Marron Crayfish with Persimmon, Whipped Lardo, Konbu, Smoked Caviar $29

This dish was so full of flavour I simply had to sit and taste every little aspect. The sweet flesh of the marron matching perfectly with the seasonal persimmons, the smokey konbu and caviar and finally the light and savoury whipped lardo, which added a savoury richness that lingered.


Dry Aged Duck Breast with Miso Mustard, Radish, and Mandarin $30

This baby was so moist and tender you can see the juices pooling on the plate. Cutting like butter, the duck was perfectly fatty and meaty. The combination of flavours was excellent with the umami from the miso balancing well with the zest from the mandarin.


Cured Coral Trout with Avocado, Green Apple, Tokyo Turnip and Curried Granola $28

A very pretty dish with an equally pretty flavour. The trout was delicately cured adding a unique flavour while not taking away from that awesome trout taste. The turnip and apple added a nice fresh crunch to combat the tenderness of the fish.


Mandagery Creek Venison, Crispy Tendon, Blueberry, Horseradish, Baby Beets $27

What a dish! It’s as if those beetroot slivers were targets for my tastebuds, bringing an earthy flavour to the rich meaty dish. The venison was creamy and tender with some excellent seasoning. The blueberries added a surprise sweetness, while the crispy tendon added a satisfying crunch.


Tajima Beef Wagyu Striploin, Slow Cooked Short Rib, Foraged Mushroom, Jerusalem Artichoke, Black Sesame Cake $39

I really do love a nice fatty piece of wagyu. That marbling is a godsend to the culinary world and to my salivating mouth. Cutting through the striploin with the greatest of ease I was pleasantly surprised to find a generous hunk of soft and juicy slow cooked short rib. Absolutely Mouth watering!


Grain Fed Free Range Chicken, Charcoal Smoked Organic Corn, Buttermilk, Young Onion, Brioche $35

The chicken was perfectly cooked, making the breast meat (which I usually find dry) deliciously succulent. The corn added a nice smokey taste that was made even better by the creamy buttermilk.


Miso, Grilled, Pyrenees, Lamb Loin, 48 hour Cooked Lamb Belly, Quince, Lentil, White Carrot $35

God I love lamb! This dish had it two ways, with a gorgeous strip of loin resting atop a delectable hunk of belly. The umami flavours were nicely balanced with the sweetness of the carrot and quince. The lentils were cooked al dente having a nice bite to them.

DSC00857Kipfler Potatoes, Roasted Garlic, Chipotle Peppers, Thyme $9


Darling Mills’ Baby Rocket Aged Balsamic, Yarra Valley Feta, Roasted Pumpkin $9




Nitro Citrus Crumble, Edible Violet, Quince Sorbet

A little show to break in the entry of the sweet stuff was this nitro induced palate cleanser. Served in a mortar and pestle, the nitrogen instantly freezes the citrus crumble, which you excitedly get to ground up. Add your scoop of quince sorbet and let your taste buds be cleansed.


After the palate cleanser I decided to take a little snoop around the kitchen. After getting lost in that labyrinth I finally found the pastry chefs working hard on out desserts.


The last thing I expected to see in that kitchen was a giant fairy floss machine, but there it was, spinning that pink gold for our very yummy dessert.



The Fairy Floss $16

A stunning dessert consisting of Chestnut Cream, Cassis, Shortbread, French meringue and vanilla chantilly. The prep that goes into these deserts is phenomenal and it certainly pays off in the end. Every layer had a textural or flavour surprise that when eaten all together worked magically.


Honey  Cow$16

A clash of diverse textures, the subtly of the milk and honey flavours made this dish very delicate. With scatterings of honey oat biscuit, salted honey brittle, milk biscuit, maple mousse and a simple and lush milk ice cream.


The  Crazy  One $16

I couldn’t pass up my favourite flavour combo of citrus and chocolate. This ‘crazy one’ is made with 66%  dark chocolate sorbet, cream & jelly yuzu and a flourless biscuit dark chocolate sable. Funny fact: The yellow base is actually painted with yellow died chocolate which makes scraping the bowl clean a welcomed challenge.


Steeped in classy and comfortable decor, the restaurant is small, focusing on creating a atmosphere of casual elegance. They seem to be much more concerned about bringing quality food to their patrons instead of stuffing them into an overcrowded space, which to us is a massive plus. On top of this the service is absolutely impeccable and the staff were attentive and friendly, not just in the restaurant, but throughout the whole hotel. We thoroughly enjoyed our time here and would definitely go again (and again, and again, and again)…


117 Dining

InterContinental Sydney
117 Macquarie Street,
CBD, Sydney, NSW


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