Sugar Pop Bakery – Couture Dessert Pops

Hey There, Sugar!

Cake Pop’s are essentially cake styled as a lollipop. Or indulgence on a stick. But Sugar Pop Bakery are no ordinary cake pop makers, they’re one of the best in the business, winning the Australian Cake Decorating Network title for Best Cake Pops Decorator in 2013 and were Finalist’s in 2014.

Founder and creative genius Nicole, after a career in pharmacy and whilst raising 3 children, decided to go online and start Sugar Pop Bakery as a hobby. Within 6 months, Nicole won the Decorator of the Year in the Cake Pops category. Due to the growth and success of Sugar Pop Bakery, Nicole put her pharmaceutical ambitions on hold and plunged into the word of cake pops.

Each of her cake pops are rolled by hand and made to order. First baked in the oven, crumbled and rolled individually to resemble the way they were first made. They strive for freshness. Luckily for us we were able to try their Burgers (chocolate fudge), Ice Cream (cookies and cream) and our very own 2 Hungry Guys Cake Face Pops (Vanilla). Let’s just say, we are super delicious.

All are the perfect sampling bite sizes mixed with frosting, covered in a hard chocolate shell and drizzled with your choice of toppings. The basic shape is a ball but the team of Sugar Pop Bakery are versatile to match your needs.

The team at Sugar Pop Bakery do everything from cake pops, to cookie pops, macaron pops, marshmallow pops, pie pops and push pops. They are perfect for bagging up as gifts, statement pieces to match your event theme and colour.

An unforgettable indulgence. Starting from $3 each.


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