The Gin Terrace at Cohibar, Darling Harbour


The Gin Terrace at Cohibar

Ten handcrafted gin cocktails have been created by Cohibar’s experienced mixologists. Each cocktail pays tribute to the ten botanicals found in Bombay Sapphire gin. To accompany each cocktail Head Chef Stuart Murphy has prepared ten delicious grazing style dishes. Now 10 cocktails may seem like a lot, and you’re right it is, alas we powered through them, all for the blog of course.

DSC00149Botanical – Juniper Berries

Drink: The June Bonnet – Bombay Sapphire, Dubonnet, sugar syrup, lemon, egg white
Food: Salmon Sashimi seasoned with sesame & black pepper

A nice start, this Juniper inspired drink was fragrant with a herbal aroma.

DSC00156Botanical – Cubeb Berries

Drink: Bloody Bombay – Bombay Sapphire, wasabi, salt, cracked pepper topped with house made fresh tomato juice.
Food: Sydney Rock Oysters with an Orange and Red Wine Vinaigrette

Despite being part of the pepper family, cubeb berries have a much more floral aroma including notes of lavender and rose. Providing a dry, hot flavour, which lingers on the tongue this pairing was on point with the Bloody bombay being a bloody bomb of flavours, savoury, sweet, picante, peppery, sour. One hell of a drink.


Botanical – Angelica Root

Drink: Angelica’s Ruin – Bombay Sapphire, Lime, Sugar, Egg White
Food: Grilled Pork Chorizo Bruschetta with goats cheese & roasted red peppers

The angelica root brings a distinct earthy tone to Bombay Sapphire whilst also holding the other nine botanicals in perfect balance allowing the flavours to work in harmony on your palate. This spoke wonders for the combo before us with the rich earthy smokey flavour of the chorizo and creamy bitter goats cheese matching the zing of the lime and smooth, creamy mouth feel created by the egg whites.


Botanical – Cassia Bark

Drink: Epicurean – Bombay Sapphire, Ginger Liquor, Apple Liquor, Apple Juice
Food: Cauliflower Stuffed Mushroom with grilled haloumi

Thriving in a tropical climate, Cassia bark is from the cinnamon family, but has a more delicate flavour that brings a light warmth & sweetness to gin. The cocktail was superb, with the apple acting as a perfect platform for the cassia’s cimmamonesque flavour to come out. The stuffed mushrooms were earthy and rich.


Botanical – Grains of Paradise

Drink: The David Attenborough – Bombay Sapphire, Disaronno, house made grenadine, grapefruit & lemon juice in a grains of paradise rusted glass
Food: Paprika BBQ King Prawns with a lentil, tomato & onion salsa

A relative of the ginger plant, grains of paradises offers a spectrum of exotic flavours from a strong peppery bite to light lavender notes as well as a long finish. This was eveident in our next drink not only having the obvious flavour from the grains themselves but the floral spice of the disaronno. The prawns were tender and juicy with strong spice to match the grains.


Botanical – Lemon Peel

Drink: The Lady Justice – Bombay Sapphire, St Germaine, lemon juice, sugar syrup
Food: Balmain Bug Ravioli, olive oil, tomato, lemon & chives

Sweet and juicy, the lemon is important in bringing the citrus flavours to Bombay Sapphire, the peel is also significant in ‘lifting’ the other botanical notes. These notes were definitely highlighted in this cocktail. Full of sweet tangy citrus flavour, this cocktail was a flavour punch to the senses. The ravioli were plump soft parcels of juicy bug meat, caressed with a light and fresh lemon and olive oil dressing, that matched it’s cocktail to prefection. My favourite of the night.


Botanical – Coriander

Drink: The Coriander Bramble – Bombay Sapphire, coriander leaves, lemon juice, sugar syrup, a crème de mure float
Food: Orange glazed quail on avocado puree with an asparagus and bean salad

Surprisingly, coriander seeds are the key citrus flavour contributor in any gin. Their strong flavour brought out in this refreshing bramble. Easily drinkable, the tart lemon flavour balanced out the rich quail legs with their matching citrus glaze and creamy avo puree.


Botanical – Orris Root

Drink: Purple Rain – Bombay Sapphire, St Germaine, lemon juice, sugar syrup, rosewater and lavender
Food: Lavender Trifle

Orris is the first section found in the root of the Iris flower. After harvesting it is dried so that the hard, bone-like root can be ground to a fine powder, allowing its full floral flavours to be released during distillation. To celebrate, this is a lavender laden duo with the cocktail having a ‘flower power punch’ and the trifle being lusciously smooth and delicate in all its exquisite layers.


Botanical – Liquorice

Drink: All Sorts – Bombay Sapphire, lemon juice, St Germaine, house made grenadine, sugar syrup finished with three sprays of Pernod
Food: Rosewater Parfait with Crumbled Pistachio & Persian Fairy Floss

Cutting only the best quality liquorice roots to deliver a deep, warm and sweet flavour, the  distinct anise aroma comes from drying and grinding the freshly harvested root to a fine powder to get the full effect of this exotic ingredient. The pairing pays homage to this with its intense florals, particularly from the heavy aroma from the Pernod.


Botanical – Almond

Drink: Cloud Nine – Bombay Sapphire, lemon juice, sugar syrup, orgeat foam with caster sugar and almond toffee to finish
Food: Apricot Pannacotta

Bitter almonds from Spain bring out and tie together all of the botanicals, delivering the silky smooth feel in the gin and making this last pairing the end to a superb journey through the botanicals of Bombay Sapphire. The silky meringue floating on top is laced with orgeat, a sweet syrup made from almonds adding a nutty taste. The pannacotta matches this with a sweet apricot (a cousin of the almond) jam coating the silky pudding.



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