Happy As Larry, Food Truck


The Happy as Larry pizza truck takes a 20’ shipping container and converts it to a fully functioning pizza kitchen.


At the heart of this kitchen is a hand built wood fired oven imported from the birthplace of pizza itself, Naples, Italy and specialises in cooking up traditional wood fired Neapolitan style pizzas.

So one brisk night with an empty belly and a hunger ready to sell these guys out we followed our noses across Joynton Park, Zetland until we saw the glowing lights and a growing line of hungry patrons.


Wild Mushroom & Sausage $17

A beautiful flavour combo combining wild pine mushrooms, black truffle pate, fior di late, smoked cherry tomatoes and a rich moreish pork and fennel sausage. The earthy mix of mushrooms and truffle was really doing something for me, and the creamy fior di late bound it all together in its cheesy goodness.

DSC00271The Lasagna $17

If ever there was a better pizza I have not found it. Inspired by everyone’s favourite layered pasta, it had all the right things on it with a generous helping of organic beef ragu, fior di late, ricotta, parmisan and basil. This was a tops slice and easily my favourite of the night.


Margherita  $13

The one pizza to rule them all and start them all to be honest. Despite how simple it is, it’s pretty hard to get a margherita right. The boys in the truck nailed it. The crust was perfectly chewy and the flavours were excellent due to the fine quality produce they use.


Marinara $11

Another simple classic done perfectly with a rich tomato base, sliced garlic, oregano, basil and extra virgin olive oil.

DSC00273Lychee & Mint and Nutella Shake $7ea

In addition to their amazing pizzas, Happy as Larry also have a range of frappes and shakes along with home made lemonade. The lychee was super refreshing while the Nutella shake was pure blissful indulgence. I mean come on, it’s a milk shake made of Nutella!!


Nutella Calzone $14

And finally the piece de resistance! A warm cushion of dough cradles a filling of hot oozing Nutella. Matched with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to cut the richness, this is what dreams are made of.


Damn! Someone’s been kneading a lot of dough! #DemGuns


The wonderful team at Happy as Larry. Stay excellent boys!


Happy As Larry Food Truck

For their latest location, check out their facebook page:




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