Fun with Tyrrells – Straight from the Barbie!


Since landing down under, Tyrrells have been tantalising tastebuds making their way into Australian hearts and homes with their Brit-inspired flavours. A sensational addition to one’s entertaining artillery, Tyrrells English crisps are hand-cooked (with the skin on of course!) to achieve the perfect level of crispness and crunch. They’re also far less greasy than the typical chip and lovingly seasoned with all natural ingredients.


Straight from the smokey flames of England and into our bowls, Aussies are throwing their arms up in celebration of the arrival of the delicious new flavour offering from Tyrrells Crisps: English BBQ!


Boasting all of Tyrrells crisps finest qualities, English Barbecue crisps are thick and super crunchy, with a moreish smoky flavour, dedicated to brave Aussies (and Brits) who’ll battle all weather conditions to enjoy a good barbecue. They also go splendidly with a glass of red – it says so right on the packet!


Or just curl  up in front of the telly with a pack and…

Like all Tyrrells Crisps, nothing artificial will be found in a packet of English Barbecue; this charming flavour is also gluten free and vegan friendly, and there is absolutely no MSG to be found. Simply brilliant!


The new English Barbecue flavour will join the suite of Brit-inspired flavours already available on Aussie supermarket shelves, including Lightly Sea Salted and Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar, Mature Cheddar & Chives, Sunday Best Roast Chicken and Sweet Chilli & Red Pepper.

Tyrrells Crisps are exclusively available at Coles supermarkets nationwide retailing for $4.19. English Barbecue will join its fellow flavours for six months.

Tyrrells Potato Chips

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