Moorish Blue, North Sydney

DSC00054Take a step inside this beautiful blue door and meet Moorish Blue, a new gem in the North Sydney Eating scene. Specialising in North African cuisine, Moorish Blue is a stylish, yet relaxed casual space filled with fine food and beautiful art.


We were invited to a special bloggers event filled with popular Instagramers. We eagerly took our seats in anticipation of the incredible feast to come.


Oysters, lime + harissa dressing

Nothing better than starting a night of fun, friends and feasting than with some plump creamy oysters. Amazingly fresh, these beauties were given an enjoyable kick with the spicy harissa dressing. I ate about 12 of them. People were angry they missed out. I laughed.


Dips: beetroot, carrot, hummus, bread

A traditional trio of dips, each with their own unique flavours. My favourite was surprisingly the beetroot, having a delectably sweet taste with earthy undertones.


Fatimas Fingers

Excellent finger food. These golden brown cigars were filled with a creamy goats cheese mix.


Salt cod croquettes, zhoug

These golden fried little balls were a particular favourite of mine, with a distinct taste of creamy salt cod and a subtle kick of spice from the fiery hot green spice paste, zhoug. I really struggle at events like this. I get so excited seeing all the ridiculously good entrees and cant help but stuff my face with them. #NORAGRETS


Prawn, harissa, wok-fried  23

Miss Harrissa was really getting around that night, that spicy minx! These plump prawns were begging to be peeled and smashed and I was more than happy to oblige, well not with the peeling (thanks Rochelle! #EUWTH), my precious fingers aren’t made for hard work!


Moorish Fried Chicken Wings

Yes that’s fried chicken and hells yes it was awesome. The crispy coating was a wonderful mix of spices that flavoured the moist chicken extremely well. Even better with a zing of lemon, these were, well… moreish.


Tunisian Brika 14

A delicious combo of potato, tuna and  fried egg, wrapped in golden crunchy filo pastry. The sound of a fork crunching through that pastry was enough to make my mouth water.


Za’atar salt & pepper squid, fried egg, lemon

A truly fantastic dish! The squid was covered in a tangy crust, while the inside was unspeakable tender. Whoever thought of adding a fried egg is a genius. The yolk acted like a rich creamy dipping sauce for the squid.


Wok-fried Calamari, Pearl Couscous, Okra, Tunisian Paste

My favourite dish of the night was this vibrant mix. The seared calamari was like cutting through butter and tossed in the satisfyingly chewy pearl cous cous, eggplant and okra. A great combo exuding fresh flavours.


Mutton Backstrap, caponata, spiced yoghurt dressing  38

A generous portion of sliced medium rare mutton, sitting on a pungent mix of capsicum, onions and eggplant. My favourite bit was the adorable little pickled peppers, like tiny bombs of spice and flavour exploding in your mouth.


Pan seared barramundi, black chickpeas, purple kale, tahini yoghurt  32

A solid dish, the barramundi was everything it should be, crispy, flakey, moist and manageable. The tahini really keeps the flavours clean, especially when eaten with the lightly bitter kale.


 Couscous Royal Braised Lamb, Chicken & Mergues

A pot of meaty magic! Every aspect of this dish was on point from the fall-apart-tender lamb, to the spicy sausages. Mixed all together with the comforting cous cous and your in business. This is wholesome food at its best and I was really happy I got to experience it.


On to the desert which we excitedly took into the backyard shisha garden. Sweet treats like Tunisian Orange Syrup Cake, Rosewater Panna Cotta, Turkish Coffee Tiramisu and Pistachio baklava  were brought before us and washed down in a haze of apple scented hookah smoke with a steaming cup of Turkish coffee or tea.


Moorish Blue

139 Blues Point Road
McMahon’s Point, North Sydney, 2060

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