March Into Merivale: Wok On @ The Establishment

image1As part of March into Merivale, Wok On brings a taste of the orient to The Establishment. A selection of Merivales Asian restaurants include Mr Wong, Ms.G’s, Sushi e and Sunee’s Thai Canteen.


Deep fried pork and asparagus wontons – Mr Wong Dim Sum Menu

I thought pork and asparagus of all combos was a weird one, but chomping into these crispy little parcels was actually quite a pleasure.


Steamed scallop and prawn shumai – Mr Wong Dim Sum menu

My favourite! These were perfect and plump, filled with a juicy and flavoursome mix that radiated good taste. I liked that the roe on top was added fresh and not steamed into an unappealing mush.


Mini prawn toasts, yuzu aioli, herbs – Ms.G’s

Crispy fried and finger licking good. These mini prawn toasts were the ‘toast’ of the night with the yuzu providing a subtle zing while the creamy aioli added richness.


Ocean trout, green papaya, green nahm jim, guacamole – Ms.G’s

Check out those slabs! The trout was unspeakably fresh with glorious veins of fat running through them adding to the oily creaminess I love about trout. I found the crunch of the green papaya salad a great contrast in both flavour and texture.


BBQ Chilli prawn with chilli and lime dressing – Sunee’s Thai Canteen

Did someone ask for spice, because these certainly brought it to the table. Marinated in a tangy chilli lime dressing these plump and succulent prawns were an excellent treat.


Crab and prawn fried rice – Sunee’s Thai Canteen

I love a good fried rice, and at Sunee’s they don’t skim you on flavour. This one is chockers full of prawn and scallop pieces that I happily inhaled in about 2-3 seconds.


Grilled wagyu beef salad, tamarind dressing – Sunee’s Thai Canteen

I really liked the strong aromatic flavours of this Thai speciality. The wagyu was tender and had a nice balance with the slightly bitter tamarind.


Stirred egg noodles with BBQ pork, cucumber and coriander salad – Mr Wong

My eyes lit up as soon as I saw these thick pieces of BBQ pork, which were altogether savoury and sweet. The noodles were lovely, contrasting with the crunchy zucchini.


Salt and pepper chicken wings with tofu mayonnaise – Mr Wong

I could eat a thousand of these wings! Everything worked about them. The balance of spice, the tender cooked meat, the creamy tofu mayo. Everything in perfect unison to make me a very very happy guy!


Dynamite roll and salmon avocado roll – Sushi E

Dynamite is the right word and I’m not just referring to the spice. These little rolls were the BOMB!  The classic salmon/avocado combo has revamped into something even more delicious.

2 Hungry Guys dined as a guest


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