Di Bella Coffee at Baffi & Mo, Redfern


Di Bella Coffee at Baffi & Mo

Finding a regular breaky spot is a very special occurrence in ones life. The strain of finding the right haunt is pretty intense with questions and insecurities constantly flying through your head. “Will the food be great every time?”, “Are they only in it for my love handles?”,  “Is this something I can see in my future?”, “Why am I talking to myself?”. The struggle is definitely real when looking for a ‘regular’, and while some may not care where they have their breakfast, I find myself day dreaming about lazy weekends grazing with friends, the enveloping warmth of a perfectly made latte on a cold morning and gorging like a beast on a big breakfast after a raging night. All these wonderful memories lead me to one place. Baffi & Mo.


Using superior quality coffee like Di Bella Coffee is what sets these guys apart, and why their expert barrista is in a constant flurry of grinding, steaming and pouring. There is nothing better than the sound and smell of a coffee being made the proper way. The clang of the metal, the hiss of the steam, the rich aroma wafting through the air. On any given day I can down around 3-5 cups of coffee and I usually like to start off with an Espresso.


Espresso $2.5

A good espresso should have a light crema on top and feel something like melted butter in your mouth- heavy, thick, oily and smooth, but all in a deliciously positive way. The taste can usually vary from the type of bean however its the lingering rich after taste that gets me. Smoky and slightly bitter. Amazing.


Latte $3.5

If an espresso isn’t for you than a latte usually does the trick. A shot of espresso mixed with perfectly steamed milk. Knowing a bunch of baristas, I’ve come to find that steaming milk is an art, and if done properly can significantly bring the flavour of the coffee out on a smoother platform, not mute it as some may think. An ideal latte has a smooth and shiny foam with very little bubbles. As you can see, this one is just perfect with the rich cream from the espresso lifted into the top making sure that every layer of the beverage is full of intense coffee flavour.


Eggs Baffi $16

It is breakfast, so food always accompanies good coffee. I got this scrumptious little creation of poached eggs with sautéed mushrooms, feta and spinach finished with hollandaise sauce on an English muffin. The eggs were excellently poached with the golden centre oozing out and coating the mushrooms and spinach in even more rich creaminess than the hollandaise and feta provided. Glorious!


 Buttermilk Pancakes $17

If sweet is your thing then say hello to this beauty! Fluffy, airy pancakes topped with a tart berry compote and swimming in a pool of luscious butterscotch sauce. #HeavyBreathing


Ice Latte $5.5

If you like your coffee on the chilly side, an ice late is the perfect drink. All that robust, rich coffee flavour in a refreshing icy drink. One of my personal favourites for those hot summer days.

Baffi & Mo is a great little casual café decked out with large wooden tables inside and outside. With friendly staff, great food and even greater coffee, it’s not rocket science to understand why we love this place.

It’s no surprise that Di Bella Coffee is rapidly growing to become Australia’s largest specialty coffee roaster. Initially starting off in Brisbane in 2002, Di Bella Coffee has since grown to supply coffee around the world. In 2010, conquering the Asian coffee market with a HQ in Shanghai. A year later opening in India and in 2013, establishing a presence in New Zealand.

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Baffi and Mo

94 Redfern St
Redfern, NSW 2016

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