Fratelli Parlamento & Cafe Sopra, Sydney

image_1Fratelli Parlamento is the latest addition to the Fratelli Fresh empire. The restaurant is located in the busy financial district of Sydney, directly opposite the NSW Parliament House. It is said to serve ‘glamorous’ Italian food and has received a lot of hype since its opening earlier this year and today we’re about to find out if it really lives up to the hype.

image_11Your food is ready!


Cod pate, poached egg, bruschetta, mussel vinaigrette ($20)

I can guess what you probably have in mind right now. Look-wise, this dish is undoubtedly underwhelming with a few coriander leaves thrown here and there for the sake of garnishing while the poached egg was nowhere in sight (Excuse me waiter, my dish is missing an egg. Oh never mind, found it! The egg is hiding under the leaves).

Taste-wise, it’s actually the outstanding dish of this entire meal (Look’s can be deceiving, who knows). The best way to describe the pate’s consistency is to imagine that of very airy and light smashed potatoes. It just melted in your mouth. Another plus is that it didn’t smell fishy which is usually the case for poorly executed seafood dishes. The mussels were cooked well as they still retained moisture and were very tender. The dish was served with complementary standard sourdough bread. I think this is a great dish, no wonder it was regarded as ‘speciale’ in the menu.


Complementary sourdough bread


 Spaghetti with prawns, chili, garlic & pangrattato ($25)

The spaghetti was cooked right and not too greasy, which is critical. A sense of spiciness from the chili was present with a mild kick of the garlic. I did feel the dish was a bit plain and the seasoning could be improved. Also, I sense a recurrent theme here where the food just loves to play hide and seek. There were actually a lot of prawns under the spaghetti so go in there and get mixing to find your beloved prawns!


 Seared Barramundi, fennel puree, green beans, cherry tomatoes ($29)

This dish is simple, yet delicious. Crispy skin. Tick. Fish not overcooked. Tick. Good seasoning. Tick. Smooth and silky puree. Tick. Some green and red from the veg. Tick (because they look better in photos). That’s my seal of approval; this dish gets a thumb-up from me.


Torta frangipane & plum with vanilla gelato ($15.5)

When eaten altogether, all the elements came together and worked well. However, eaten alone the biscuit base was a bit dry and hard. The gelato which was not overly sweet combined with the pistachio crumbs gave the dish more balance and the tartness of the plum helped to cut through the sweetness and mixed things up. Overall, a pleasant dish. 


Baba al Rum with poached pears & cream ($15.5)

This dessert was recommended by the beyond lovely and attentive waiter who served us. The fluffy sponge cake was soaked in sweet Rum. The cake itself was too sweet for my liking although the pears and cream did balance out some of the sweetness. Therefore, we recommend this dessert for those that have a massive sweet tooth!  


Pizza in the making


Some side notes:

Serving time was pretty fast despite the restaurant being crowded around lunch time.

You should be mindful of the portion size as they are quite large (especially the pate, which we love but sadly couldn’t finish).

This place is not photo-friendly since it’s quite dark and the food presentation is rather humble (But you know what’s better than good-looking Instagram-worthy food, food that actually tastes good)

Overall, Fratelli Parlamento serves enjoyable Italian food, has friendly staff and great service. It’s a nice lunch destination, worth a visit.

Fratelli Parlamento & Cafe Sopra

229 – 231 Macquarie Street,
Sydney NSW 2000

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Contributed by Hannah, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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