Edition Coffee Roasters, Darlinghurst

IMG_1567Edition Coffee Roasters are one step ahead of the Sydney café scene. Brothers and joint owners Kory Sutherland and Daniel Jackson have created a Nordic-Japanese inspired café in Darlinghurst, with a fresh and daring approach. It is different and innovative – in a really good way.

The brothers have made their mark in some of Sydney’s most well known and award winning cafes; Mecca, Toby’s Estate, and Black Star Pastry to name a few. Dan has also been involved with the opening of Room 10, Clipper and Clover. You will probably recognise at least one of them when you visit and if you don’t you should get to know them. IMG_1620

A minimalistic functional and beautiful interior design is the backdrop for exquisitely composed, tasteful and tasty dishes. Although Scandinavia and Japan are a great distance apart, they both respect nature and make the most from its produce.


Udon noodles infused in pine oil, made from pine needles foraged around Sydney, are plated together with king brown mushroom cooked in Mirin and field mushroom in thyme and butter. This was topped with a healthy dollop of  rich mushroom cream. The Mushroom broth made from dehydrated mushrooms and berries perfectly balanced this bold dish.


Oden, which is a common Japanese winter dish with Konnyaku, daikon, turnip, potato, lotus root, fish cake, pickled soft-boiled egg in a Kombu dashi stock, was a delicate, authentic reflection of Japanese traditional cuisine not commonly found in Sydney café’s.


The Nordic inspired fennel and chamomile poached chicken, was combined with rye, pickles and lotus root. This finely tuned construction, both soft and crispy and piquant is topped with shaved almond and blackberry powder adding a nutty and sweet texture and taste.


Smorrebord – smoked salmon, graddfil, pickles, red radish, roe, garnish

The coffee and tea is very special too. From espresso to batch brew and  even Elixir, which is a new coffee drink that “looks like whisky, feels like tea but is unlike anything you have tasted before” you will have choices that will impress!

Compliments to Chef Jack New, previously from Sokyo at The Star and more recently Maslow’s, who has been collaborating with the team to produce some of these exciting new dishes which are game changing in this somewhat saturated market.

Edition Coffee Roasters

265 Liverpool Street,
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

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