Crane Bar Restaurant, Potts Point

DSC09760Taking up residency on the legendary Bayswater Road is Crane Bar, a popular eatery and bar. Cranking out a mouth watering Japanese fusion menu, with signature beverages all from a welcoming and uniquely decorated space.


Edemame $8

Starting off the meal; edemame. Steamed and lightly salted with a faint whiff of truffles.


Snoops Chicken $17

Crispy, golden little nuggets of tender chicken with a wasabi mayo. The story of its naming is pretty awesome. Apparently Snoop Dog himself tried these meaty morsels on his trip to Sydney, exclaiming that they were the best karaage chicken he’s ever had. Since then its been renamed as Snoop’s Chicken in his honor.

DSC09726Large Sashimi Platter $45

I love me some raw fish, and Crane Bar really have it going on. The platter is decked out with fresh slices of Tuna, Kingfish, Ocean Trout, Scallop and Sea Barramundi. Seriously good. Seriously delicious!


Espresso Martini $17

Knowing how much food was yet to come, I decided a nice little pick me up would do the trick. Espresso Martini to the rescue! Made with Ketel One Vodka, Licor 43, Kahlua, coffee and sugar syrup.


Pink Bits $19

I thoroughly enjoyed this refreshing fruity cocktail. Made with Ketel One Vodka, Midori, fresh watermelon, lemon and sugar.


Crane Slider $5

Quite possibly the best dam pork belly dish I’ve ever had. And I’m not exaggerating. The pork was literally melt in your mouth soft, with the meat to fat ratio being juuuuuuust right. Seriously, I felt like I was the Goldilocks of pork belly. Thankfully the only bear-like thing there was in sight was me huffing two of these down and roaring in delight.


Softshell Crab Slider $5

A delicious combo with the crunchy creamy crab working excellently with the soft steam bun.


Sashimi Nachos $19

Corn chips are substituted with deep fried lotus root chips in this fantastic Japanese spin on a Mexican classic. On top of them sits thinly sliced ocean trout, japalenos, avocado and feta cheese.


Spicy Prawn & Gorgeous Sushi Rolls

Each sushi roll is hand rolled and made to order. The Spicy Prawn ($16) consisted of prawn tempura, cucumber, mayonnaise and spicy tobiko, while the Gorgeous (which I personally believe should be called the ‘Michelle’ after our fantastic waitress) was made with seared trout, scallops, cucumber, shallots and sweet sauce.


Nasu Miso Cheese $15

This eggplant was so rich and tasty, flavoured with sweet miso then covered in melted cheese. Slow grilled, the eggplant become so soft only a spoon is necessary to scoop the flesh out.


Is This Love $17

Is this love? I think so! Ketel One Vodka, agave syrup, sugar and fresh basil leaves. Topped off with soda water for a tingly sprtiz.


This is Kings Cross after all DSC09758

Crane Bar Restaurant

32 Bayswater Road,
Potts Point NSW 2011

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