Taste of Sydney, Centennial Park



More than 23,700 people visited Taste of Sydney at Centennial Park over four days.

This food festival was on a whole other level. I’m going to say that again… a whole festival… dedicated to food with Sydney’s hottest restaurants, pop up bars, masterclasses, demonstrations and live music. Located in the heart of Centennial Park, it was a good 15 minute walk from the closest bus stop…probably to burn off all the calories I’m about to engulf myself in.

DSC_1015Firstly, you can inject all your monies into this magical pink card in exchange for food currency, crowns! It makes the whole process of purchasing the different food at different stalls a lot easier. After strategically mapping out which stalls we wanted to visit with a handy map, we were on our way!


Dipped Lamb Caramel Buns – Biota Dining

First stop was Biota for their dipped lamb and caramel buns. To be rather honest, I was rather disappointed by this, especially at the start.

DSC_0976The caramel didn’t satisfy the sweet sticky caramel flavour I was hoping for enough and the lamb was on the bland side.

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Tiramisu Ice Cream – Otto Ristorante

Don’t mind me eating Ice cream in 20 degree rainy weather. Ice cream is always good and this was especially good. A combination of marsala jelly, coffee soaked savoiardi biscuits and cocoa nib tuile. The ice cream was true to it’s coffee flavour, working well with the soaked biscuits and jelly.

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Flinders Island lamb marinated in Moorish spices & cooked over charcoal – MoVida Sydney

This would have definitely been one of the favourites for the day. The novelty of having your food cooked on an open fire in front of your eyes will never die. I smelt the smoke from the other side of the festival and followed the trail all the way to this beautiful tent. The spices on the lamb were definitely present. It was heavenly on the smokey soft lamb. I regret not eating an endless bucket of these…


Cured Huon Salmon – with smoked oyster creme fraiche on a hash brown – Porteno

It was interesting to see such a “fancy” cured salmon with a good hash brown. The classic combo of the smoked oyster creme fraiche was really great on the salmon, balancing out the flavours.

IMG_1277Buffalo Mozzarella, poached pear, roasted almonds and balsamic glaze with Sangiovese grapes – Buffolo Dining

Perfect snacking options. The mozzarella’s salty creamy flavour matched perfectly with the sweet pear and sharp balsamic glaze.


Polenta Chips with Gorgonzola Sauce – Bloodwood

I’ve heard a lot about these famous polenta chips so I had high hopes. The chips had a grainy texture, not too sure if they’re meant to be like that. I did feel like I needed a bit more gorgonzola sauce to give these slightly bland polenta chips a bit more flavour.

Taste of Sydney Event Director Simon Wilson said “Taste of Sydney in partnership with Electrolux had yet another great year; the atmosphere in the Park was buzzing all weekend long with Sydney foodies doing what they do best – enjoying great food. Bring on 2016, we’ll be scouring Sydney for the hottest, greatest and latest restaurants and producers to bring together in the park again next year.”

And if you cant wait another 12 months for the next Taste of Sydney festival Taste of Perth is just around the corner (15-17 May), and Taste is returning to Melbourne in November.


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