Sharak Japanese Izakaya Restaurant, Sydney CBD


Welcome to Sharak Japanese Izakaya, a warm and inviting Japanese restaurant in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. A unique little eatery, Sharak is made up of 3 levels of dining, each with its unique look and feel.


Sitting down we were delighted to find tablets attached to every table. Considering this venue has three levels of dining, this technology makes for convenient and easy ordering.


We started off with one of the wide varieties of Sake that Sharak carries.


Dry and refreshing, this sake was the perfect drop to start our meal



Forever a favourite and staple at any Japanese eatery. Starting to state our hungry bellies we all pretty much dove at these.


Miso Soup

Another staple was this warming miso soup. Made with fish stock for that extra flavour kick and julienned carrots.


Soft Shell Crab Tempura Salad

Being all the rage, the soft shell crab seemed to have evolved through time to land on our plates and into our hungry mouths. There’s a delicate creamy sweetness to the crab that matched perfectly with the crunchy fresh flavours of the salad.


Tuna Tataki Salad

Another great salad with fresh munchies like the crunchy broccoli to mix things up texturally. But the star was the thin slices of perfectly pink tuna.


Jumbo Sashimi Platter

Have you ever seen anything as beautiful as this? Our eyes literally bulged out of our heads when this very impressive platter of raw goodies arrived at our table. Scampi, Hokkaido Scallops, Surf Clams, Salmon, Kingfish, Tuna, Snapper and Oysters are all expertly prepared and plated like edible art. The stand out for me was the snapper sashimi, which had been wrapped around thin slivers of spring onion, creating a really tasty mouthful.


Mellowed Kozuru 720ml

Being an Izakaya, the extensive drinks menu introduced us to this fine oak barrel sochu. The woody liquid went down a treat, warming us from the inside out. Seriously decent stuff!


Salmon Avocado Roll

A delicious roll bursting with fresh salmon and creamy avocado. I particularly liked the extra touch of salmon adorning the top of these plump rolls, with super thin slices of chilli for that little someone else.


Tempura Roll

An awesome roll packed full of crispy prawn tempura and avocado. A winning combo.


Grilled Duck

After what seemed like an endless line of amazing savouries our last dish was placed on the table, ending with a savoury bang. The thick cut slices of duck were tender and juicy with a dollop of hot English mustard and plum sauce on each.


Green Tea Creme Brulee

Rich and creamy with that slightly, almost savoury bitterness of matcha. The brulee was flawlessly smooth.

DSC09554I was also extremely satisfied with the crackable top that smashed like an eggshell under my eager spoon.


Green Tea Panna Cotta

Silky and luscious and in an adorably moulded heap. The texture was like velvet on the tongue, practically melting in my mouth.


Black Sesame Ice Cream

A interesting flavour that’s not too sweet. Black sesame has a nutty flavour that’s pretty unique and definitely worth a try.

DSC09552Green Tea and Red Bean Ice Cream

More green tea glory with these creamy scoops and matched with sweet red bean. If you’ve never tried them, red beans or azuki are slightly sweet almost like a sweet potato. Sounds weird but actually pretty nice.


Sharak Japanese Izakaya Restaurant is a fantastic eatery catering for groups big and small and has easily made its way to the top of our list of favourite Japanese restaurants in Sydney.

Sharak Japanese Izakaya Restaurant

371 Pitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000

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