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There’s no surprise to why The Star is a main tourist attraction in Sydney, hosting a grand casino, fine restaurants and a view of Sydney Harbour Bridge. To add to the array of food offering is PizzAperta – literally translated as “we are open for pizza”. A new venture for Balla owner Stefano Manfredi.


“Our work is to achieve one goal – to make pizza with the flavour of the grain, a texture that’s soft and airy, easily digested and a balance of flavours from the quality of our ingredients,” said Manfredi.


Focaccia Fingers – rosemary and sea salt

The chef presented these light and fluffy focaccia fingers, describing to us the hard work and patience that they overcame to achieve such a great texture and flavour. The sea salt and rosemary added a subtle flavour to the bread. There are also pizza bases available under “roman focaccia style” that I will definitely want to try in the near future.


To my surprise, the pizza is actually served in the boxes, even if you dine in. For the purpose for aesthetic photo taking, I sheepishly asked the chef for the wooden boards.


Blushing Dragon Martini – Ketel One Citrus, Vanilla Liqueur, Fresh Lychee, Ruby Red Grape


Fruit of the Forest Rossini – mix berries liqueur, raspberry puree (vanilla added), fresh lemon, squeeze prosecco


Marinara Australiana – mozzarella, prawns, scallop, calamari, garlic, parsley, cherry tomatoes

If you haven’t caught on already, I really like scallops so I couldn’t deter myself away from this, could I? I definitely enjoyed how the chef managed to balance the generous toppings and not overwhelm it with too many different flavours.

DSC_0865The fresh tomatoes were a great addition as they burst in your mouth as you ate, giving the seafood great acidity. All the flavours promised on the menu were definitely delivered on this pizza.


Lamb Belly, Ricotta & Mediterranean Herbs – tomato, slow cooked lamb belly, ricotta, Mediterranean herbs

To contrast with the light Marinara Australiana, we choose a heartier meat base of slowly cooked lamb belly.

DSC_0871The lamb was delicious, moist and full of flavour, working well with the creamy ricotta and aromatic herbs.


Overall, Pizzaperta is a great casual dining area with a simple yet delicious menu overlooking Pyrmont wharf.


The Star
Harbourside Ground Floor,
Pyrmont NSW 2009

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Contributed by Katrina, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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