Piccolo Me, Sydney CBD


Have you been Piccolo’d yet?

In our case, we’ve been Piccolo’d multiple times. And we keep coming back for more.

Piccolo Me has always been our favourite stop off for a great coffee or treat and this time we visited their Castlereagh location. We previously visited their Macquarie University store.


Nerdtella Bomb

This cleaver mix of (nostalgia) everyone’s favourite childhood sugar fix pushes its way into adult life with this ingenious ‘bomb’.


The Nerd/Nutella combo actually works really well, giving the mix a tart zingy pop that brings me back to the days of sugar crazed, sticky faced adolescence. Provided is a colourful card acting as your instruction manual, adding to the fun of this treat. The steps are simple:

1. Drop your Nerdtella Bomb into your cup

2. Wait one minute before stirring

3. Swirl the stick until the bomb has dissolved

4. After consumption, scoop up the nerds on the bottom of your cup



Kramer Bomb

A big thumbs up for all you choc-mint (and Seinfeld) fans. This baby is made with another all time favourite delight: Junior Mints. And being massive Seinfeld fans ourselves, this was a must on our list to try.

“Who’s gonna turn down a Junior Mint? It’s chocolate, it’s peppermint — it’s delicious!” – Kramer, in “The Junior Mints”


Melted down, the chocolate and the frothy milk emulate the flavour and texture of the junior mints with the creamy milk taking on that minty goodness. Be even more naughty and add the extra shaved choc provided. A must for all mint lovers.

DSC09187Coffee and Nutella <3



Next up was the Esprookie, an ingenious little cookie cup.

DSC09195Lined with Nutella and dusted with nuts to create an all in one coffee shot and snack. Just squeeze (carefully) the hot coffee into the cup, wait a bit for it to melt the chocolate lining, then bite and drink away. The perfect on the go snack.


Mint Iced Coffee

Another one for the choc mint lovers. This one is an icy brew all made and bottled in house. The intense coffee and chocolate flavour are complemented really well by the cooling mint, making this a superbly refreshing drink.


Check out Piccolo Me’s Hunter Street location next time you’re in the CBD. With both inside and outside seating and a delicious array of sweet and savoury food options, you’ll now be asking the question: Why haven’t I been Piccolo’d yet?

Piccolo Me

1 Castlereagh Street
Sydney NSW 2023

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