Whisky flight at The Clock Hotel, Surry Hills


Start your day in Surry hills with a coffee and end it with a whisky at The Clock Hotel.


The mainspring, beyond the saloon doors of The Clock Hotel, is the Whisky Room. Hurry up the stairs if you like Whisky, or take them two at a time if you really like it a lot, to enjoy the nuances and dynamics of a wide choice of the timeless warm amber in a cosy but stylish accessible bar.


Even if you are only just getting to like a little smoke and a lot of fire in a glass, this is a haven to meet mates, have a date, or take a bit of time out. Perched on a stool overlooking the bar below or parked inside on a comfortable leather couch, it won’t take too long before you appreciate the powerful nectar produced by the craftsmanship, the innovation and imagination of a variety of the worlds finest international distillers.


You can choose from a selection of over 100 different single malts or blends originating from a variety of places such as Japan, Scotland, Australia, the USA, Taiwan, and New Zealand.


The wooden tables and relief assemblage of wood samples echo the tonal range of amber liquids in the bottles and evoke the wooden oak barrels that once might have imbued the fermenting grain with flavour.


Keep watch for the special promotions:

Every month $25 will buy you an opportunity to try a 3 whisky trio or a triumvirate of whiskies. Your Whisky flight, may highlight a style, a country, region or brand from anywhere around the world or even a food pairing may be set up for your pleasure. You can stretch out and enhance the experience with great bar food or a nibble of fruit and crackers that won’t break the bank.


When tasting whisky we were advised to be careful not to singe the senses and check the abv. Further, it was suggested that a great way to smell was to rest your nose to the glass but breathe in through the mouth as opposed to the nose. It worked a treat as we got the buzz and were sent on a journey to search our minds for nostalgic memories associated with olfactory sensations. Ideas of wood and leather- grandfather clock, Christmas by the fire with the family are aroused like this through smell. Flavours are reconfirmed when you taste the whisky.


For March, Three whiskies are paired fantastically with light snacks.




The Nikka 15yo from Japan is paired with red grapes, Duthies 17yo malt scotch from Scotland with yellow peach, and the Starward from Australia with banana bread.


2 Hungry Guys recommends the Coal Ila 12 years…


…or the lesser known Bunnahabhain 12 year Islay single malt for a less peating clean and more pure single malt.

After all this drinking, it was time for a “small” snack:


BBQ Brisket Burger with hot mustard aioli, pickles $18


Crostini, cured salmon, ricotta, mint (3) $10

IMG_1113Flash Fried Calamari, Rosemary Salt $15

To end your night, why not check out the cocktail menu. With a wide selection on hand including the malt with espresso with black bottle whisky, amaro, great espresso, and vanilla syrup which will not knock you out but not knock you down for $17 . The Native New Yorker with 17 Rittenhouse rye, applejack, almond syrup and fresh lemon and pineapple juice to tempt $17. The daily Apple with fresh pressed apples, buffalo trace bourbon and hakushu distillers reserve whisky can do a magic trick $9.


The Clocks Whisky room is a destination of its own within the Clock Hotel . If you have a refined palette, you will find yourself in the heart of this Surry Hills staple.

Clock Hotel

470 Crown Street
Surry Hills, NSW 2010

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Contributed by Julian, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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