Cafe Chicane, Sydney


Cafe Chicane is a chic (heh) cafe in the Sydney CBD just off George Street. By lunch time, the place was bustling with people fed and waiting to be fed. As well, they have a salad bar for those health conscious people on the go.


Prawn and Scallop Risotto ($19.90)

Creamy risotto with generous amounts of prawn and plump scallops, chilli and garlic with house-made Napoli sauce. The chilli gave the dish an interesting kick and hearty vibe.


Sicilian ($16.00)

A great crispy thin base topped with generous pepperoni, black olives and chilli. Overall, a really enjoyable dish and you can’t go wrong with pizza.

DSC_0452Lamb Skewers ($19.90)

Lame Skewers served with greek salad pita bread and tzatziki. The greek salad was refreshing and well dressed. Although, it was a shame that the star of the dish was slightly on the disappointing and dry side and a ceramic dish for the tzatziki wouldn’t have hurt either.


Perfect for a mid week lunch.

Cafe Chicane

20 Bond Street
Sydney CBD, NSW 2000

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