Brewristas, Glebe

DSC_0190I have a fond memory of when I first visited Glebe. By fond, I mean walking from the light rail station for half an hour in the blazing sun trying to find the Saturday markets. To add to that, I now have an opal card (It’s actually exciting alright!) you can watch me get forcefully dragged to the saturday markets without an excuse.

Although, what I didn’t get forcefully dragged into was Brewristas.


Brewtea ($10)

Brewristas has their very own coffee expert who serves you, explaining your choice of coffee. Apparently, we had ordered 8 shots of coffee from Ethiopia Yirgacheffe beans and tea into a bottle. The Coffee vs. Tea debate has always been an interesting one but what was more interesting was the combination of the caffeine concoction. There was an initial taste of tea with a coffee-chocolate sweetness aftertaste. Although, there were 8 shots in this baby so if you would like to sleep at night, you can kindly ask them to bottle it up again before you leave (which we did, we’re not insane.)


Vietnamese Iced Coffee ($5)

Traditionally, it is brewed individually with a small metal french drip filter and then a desired amount of condensed milk is added. Stir it up and you can watch the magic happen! As expected, it’s sweet with a strong aromatic punch of coffee. I blame it for the reason my tastebuds don’t enjoy drinking regular coffee as much.



Porky Pigs Hotteok ($15)

Traditional Korean honey jam pancake with bacon, poached egg, spicy guacamole rocket & mango habanero mayo. It was really interested to see the Korean influence on the menu and I was keen to try the honey jam pancake.

DSC_0202The pancake was sweet and the jam was replicating a flavour similar to red bean, surprisingly working well with the crispy bacon.


Kevin’s Balls ($10)

If you haven’t eaten Shin Ramyun at 2am, you haven’t experienced life. Throwback to HS days, for my senior camp trip, the first thing I literally packed was Shin Ramyun, who knew what miserable things they could serve at the camp site, or worse, only serve 3 meals a day (is that actually a thing?). Furthermore, to celebrate a friend’s birthday, we bulk bought Shin Ramyun and made it in Physics class, only before the head teacher walked in and asked why I was cooking instant noodles instead of figuring out rocket science.

Anyways, I do have a point for all that besides professing my love for Shin Ramyun. As soon as I saw that Kevin’s Balls (hehe) were filled with roasted pork belly, tofu, kim chi, sweet potato and encrusted with cripsy shin ramyun crunch, I knew we had found a winner.


Overall, had an extremely pleasant experience at Brewristas and I would love to be back to sample more of their menu.


73 Glebe Point Road,
Glebe, NSW 2037

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Contributed by Katrina


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