Autolyse, Chippendale

I love open and minimalist cafes and Autolyse at Central Park in Chippendale caught my eye a while back. However sadly I had already eaten lunch *sob* so I promised myself I would be back. Keeping to my promise, I finally made my way back with an empty stomach this time.


Parker’s OJ + Lemon Lime Bitters ($5 each)


Chicken Halloumi Salad ($16.90)

Yes, I voluntarily ordered a salad because well… halloumi, nuff said. The salad was well dressed and the chicken was soft and full of herbs, however I really wish there was a tonne more of the halloumi.


French Toast ($14.00)

My friend was unfamiliar with the brunching world (yeah, odd right) so she asked for a recommendation.

“Um, do you like sweet stuff?”

“YESSS! I love sweet stuff”

“Easy! French Toast”

DSC_0158I loved the French Toast, but then again, who wouldn’t love eggy bread, fried up with covered with yoghurt and berries?


Sweet Baked Potato Fries ($5)

Simply because I’m greedy and I can’t help but order these when they’re on the menu. Thin crispy exterior to the creamy sweet interior, yum!


Say. It. Slowwwwwly.


Central Park Sydney
28 Broadway,
Chippendale, NSW 2008

Contributed by Katrina


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