Cuckoo Callay Bacon Festival, Newtown

Until very recently, I wasn’t aware that a Bacon Festival was a thing. Although, once I educated myself at Cuckoo Callay about this glorious celebration dedicated to bacon I noticed changes…

The air was fresher. The sun felt warmer. The internet was faster. Diet salads tasted better. Ok, the last one was a lie.

I knew Cuckoo Callay was heading off to a good start when I saw the menu of their 7 punny dishes featuring various forms of bacon. To add to the good news, Cuckoo Callay teamed up with a local supplier Black Forest Smokehouse, who source all their pork from local NSW farms, to deliver a range of free range scrumptious swine dishes.


Bloody Bacon Cuckootail ($14)

Confession: This was my first Bloody Mary and I ordered it with no knowledge because well… I was drawn in by the pun (damn you marketing). I was warned to expect a savoury punch and there was a savoury punch indeed. The concoction of worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, salt and pepper was great to cut through the sweet goods.


What a Croque of Bacon ($19)

First up was this beauty. Bacon, basil, vintage cheddar croquettes served with bourbon bacon, pea puree and two poached eggs.  I feel like croquettes are so under appreciated in the brunch world so it was refreshing to see them on the menu. The crunchy pod holds creamy goodness with chunks of bacon, basil, vintage cheddar. The classic poached eggs and bacon were great to reinforce the brunch style dish.


 Bacon All the Rules ($24)

This dish was bacon all the rules! It features black forest smoke house bacon, bourbon bacon, bacon steak, bacon sausage and bacon crumbed poached eggs on sourdough. I could already tell that Cuckoo Callay take their bacon seriously. The pork steak had a sheet of juicy fat against the lean cut. Although, the star of the dish was the bacon sausages, soft, juicy and full of herbs. It was definitely one of my favourites for the day.


Shake n’ Bacon

A delicious shake with chunks of bacon, duh!


Bacon Dawg ($16)

I was excited to see that the sausage got to make a comeback for the Bacon Dawg. The crusty roll  is home to the maple glazed bacon sausage with gruyere cheese sauce, tomato and quince relish, crackling and dill mustard. The crackling was great for texture against the soft sausage and roll. As well, the sour relish and pickles which worked well with the savoury sausage and cheese to create a party in your mouth!


Don’t go Bacon my Heart ($19)

Baby versions of everything have always been good. This cute slider to burger was the cupcake to the cake.


It comprised of beer candied bacon and popcorn chicken served with tomato chutney, mustard aioli and ‘slaw on a brioche. The chutney, aioli and slaw was great to complement the savoury chicken and sweet brioche.




Bacon, Get in my belly ($20)

Another favourite for the day. Pork belly with sticky sweet chilli, fennel seed sauce with bacon, caper, coriander and lime salad. Fear not, the chilli did not hold a dangerous amount of heat but was actually sweet with a small spice. The crackling on the pork belly was sweet and sticky, great texture against the soft fat that melts in your mouth. Yum yum and yum!


Ya Bacon Me Crazy ($20)

By the time dessert came out, I was already spoiled to the brim and struggling to breathe. I tell myself I do this for the greater good, you know, eating incomprehensible amounts of bacon. Luckily, it’s been scientifically proven that we have a 2nd stomach for dessert! This dish brought sweet and savoury to a whole other level with the Black Forest Smokehouse maple bacon against the butter milk waffles, the chocolate coat on the bourbon bacon and bacon chunks in the caramel cinnamon ice cream . The buttermilk waffles had a slight crunch with a soft cake-like interior, great for soaking up the ice cream and maple syrup.

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Cuckoo Callay

324b Newtown Train Station
Newtown, NSW 2042

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Contributed by Katrina who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys



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