Cantina Movil, Mobile Food Truck


Cantina Movil – Food Truck

It’s so funny, in my youth I often chased the ice cream truck around every weekend. Hearing that music would turn me into a bat-shit crazy little fiend and I’d go running out of the house for a sweet delight.


It’s still pretty much the same nowadays, except instead of listening for that song I’m waiting for that whiff of savoury glory. That smell my friends is the smell of top Mexican food. It’s name: Cantina Mobil Movil.


Nachos Cantina Style $11

A glorious nachos that looks like a tasty flower the way its all splayed out, only it smells much, much better. Chockers full of pinto beans, queso fresco, chipotle mayo, fresh coriander and guacamole, you get to choose between chicken, beef, pork and beans.


Cantina Movil have a street easy Mexican style with a great range of eats like burritos and tacos. Catch them around Sydney for a great feed.

Did you know?

Cantina Movil has been around since December 2011 and was originally called Cantina Mobil, but a (and we quote) “corporate giant stomped on their sombrero and challenged them to a duel!”

So the team simply changed the ‘b’ to a ‘v’ and “ta da” – Cantina Movil it is!

Cantina Movil

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