Chocolateria San Churro, Glebe



Chocolate. The very word brings joy to our hearts (and weight to our thighs).

From delicious churros, to decadent chocolate shakes, cakes and desserts… San Churro are on point with their traditional South American inspired treats.


Classic Spanish $5.95

For those seeking a classic done right. The original thick and legendary Spanish hot chocolate is for you. Warm, comforting and rich. This simple decadence is a personal favourite of mine. Especially in the colder months.


Jaffa’licious (Choc Orange) $8.95

My all time favourite flavour combo, this choc orange shake really brought out the jaffa fan in me. Served icy cold, a great quencher for those warm rich delights that San Churro is so well known for.


Churros for One with Milk Chocolate Dip $8.95


A sensation to be enjoyed solo! Meaning I’m not sharing squat, so get you own bloody serving! This is what this place is famous for. The Churros are golden and crispy sticks of perfection, practically made to be dipped in the rich dark, milk or white chocolate pots. Oh boy! Here come the cravings….

IMG_5340Choose from a plethora of chocolate goodies and accessories in store…

IMG_5339Or splurge on their amazing array of hand made chocolate bon bons. My personal favourite is the mint choc and the chilli choc (dont knock it till you’ve tried it).

Chocolateria San Churro

47 Glebe Point Road
Glebe, NSW 2037

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