Cuckoo Callay, Newtown

DSC07033Birdy Nom Nom – Coconut quinoa and date bircher with mango and blood orange marmalade

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If you’re walking around Newtown Station chance a peak at Cuckoo Callay. It’s literally the first thing you see walking in and out and definitely worth a try. Owned by a young couple, the casual dining space (indoor and outdoor) has a real trendy friendliness about it that is so perfect in Newtown.

I’m not particularly a fan of quinoa (Usually I’m like ‘what’s the BFD?’) but this was a unique version that I really enjoyed. The quinoa was sweet and slightly chewy while the chunks of mango and blood orange marmalade gave a super fresh fruity factor to the dish.  A perfect summer breaky.


Cold Drip Coffee

Being a scorcher of a day I decided to cool off with a refreshing cold drip coffee. Playing into the Alice in Wonderland inspiration the coffee is served in a cute little potion bottle and poured over ice for a revitalising pick-me-up.


Bubbles that Squeak – Bubble and squeak pattie with duck sausage, chilli chutney and poached egg

Yes you saw that right. Duck sausage. The meat itself is flavoured with a good mix of herbs and spices, and perfectly paired with the hearty bubble and squeak pattie, poached egg and a sweet chilli chutney that is amazing lathered over everything .


Speedy Gonzalez – Burritos with chorizo, turtle bean relish, fried eggs, avocado and sour cream & chive dressing

Like a huevos rancheros only 10 times better, the spicy chorizo was the stand out of the dish going tremendously well with the the perfectly fried sunny side eggs and flavoursome relish. If I wasn’t forced to share this dish I would have wrapped everything up in the tortillas and scoffed it down like a hot mess. So good!

DSC07044Another great thing about Cuckoo Callay is that it’s totally pooch friendly, even going so far as to have its own pet menu. As you can see from the above picture of Ziggy (isn’t he just adorable!?!?) who is enjoying his very own Puppachino (made with dog friendly goats milk).



While the barista is busy whipping up the frothy Pupachino why not treat your pooch to some Pupples? These maple bacon treats are home made and seeing how much Ziggy enjoyed them, made me a little jealous that I couldn’t have some too!. Don’t judge I’m only human (unfortunately).


Dr Salmon – Citrus cured salmon, black quinoa, avocado, fennel, blood orange, French radish and snow-pea tendrils with a lime and ginger dressing

Another excellent summer dish, the salmon had a lovely fresh citrus flavour,  made more prominent by the lime and ginger dressing and the peppery radishes. The snow pea tendrills and fennel also give the dish a real crispness.


Beeting the Sheep – Slow cooked lamb in pastry served with goats curd, toasted pine nuts, pickled beetroot, radish and snow-pea tendrils salad

After reading the name and having a little chuckle to myself I bit into these crisp lamb rolls to find the meat tender and flavoursome. Tending to stay away from beetroot, I spread an extra helping of the sharp and creamy goats curd onto the roll to make the experience that much better.


Best.Chips.Ever – Triple cooked chips served with aioli

Next up was the triple cooked chips. The first thing you will notice about these is how big they are. Like potato fingers if the fingers belonged to a really fat guy (like me). The second thing is the resounding crunch when you bite into them. I’d have been pretty content just to have a meal of these is everything else on the menu wasn’t as tasty as it was.


Are they the ‘Best Chips Ever’? – They’ve got our vote. So go try them and find out!


Mother Ducker – Pulled duck, sauteed potatoes, green lentils, shallots, shaved asparagus, poached egg and chilli jam

Mother Ducker this was mother ducking good. Now you know how much of a glutton for duck I am so this was demolished pretty quickly. My advice is to split the perfectly poached egg and mix the yolk and chilli jam with everything then shovel the mix down hard. Definitely my fav of the day.

DSC07074Owner Ibrahim Moubadder and his team


Snowman in Summer – Marinated Dutch carrot salad with blanched kale, avocado, pepitas and lemon yoghurt dressing

Do you want to build a snowman? Or maybe instead you can just eat this mighty good dutch carrot salad. Super healthy with kale and avocado, I really liked the crunch the pepitas gave to the dish and the creamy but zesty yoghurt dressing.


Berets, Stars & Stripes – Brioche French toast with maple bacon, peanut caramel, ricotta, cornflakes and maple syrup

OH Lordy! If you’re more of a sweet tooth this ones for you. The thick sliced of egg dipped brioche are topped with a mountain of crispy maple bacon, creamy ricotta and cornflakes for crunch. THEN, because clearly that wasn’t enough, they smear a generous helping of the most divine peanut caramel to go with it. *heavy breathing*


Cinderella’s Breakfast – Pumpkin fritters, cured salmon, poached egg, basil pesto and heirloom tomatoes

These fritters were a real delight. The pumpkin flavour of the fritters go surprisingly well with the cured salmon and fresh cherry tomatoes making this sweet / savoury brunching dish the star of the ball.


Click here to see our Cuckoo Callay Bacon Festival post.

Cuckoo Callay

Newtown Railway Station,
Shop 324B Erskineville Road,
Newtown, NSW 2042

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  1. We visited Cuckoo Callay as well! I had no idea it was also dog friendly and served dog friendly drinks! I completely agree that their chips are GLORIOUS! I also really liked the bacon steak. You should totally try it! The pulled duck is also amazing. Love this cafe!


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