Night Noodle Markets 2014, Hyde Park


Boy, these Night Noodle Markets sure do come around fast. This year they are bigger and better than ever with a record 50 food stalls in Hyde Park, a selection of fresh faces and familiar favourites.

Making an appearance all the way from Melbourne is Wonderbao. This was the highlight of the night for us. Soft, steamed buns are packed with yummy fillings. We ordered the braised pork belly with pickled mustard, coriander, crushed peanuts, the twice cooked pork belly with pickled carrots, daikon, cucumber and hoisin sauce and the fried silky tofu, pickled mustard, coriander, sweet soy, crushed peanuts.


Harajuku Gyoza

You can’t miss this stall, with Harajuku girls dressed up and standing out the front. A variety of crispy bottom, steamed gyoza are available. They even have a salted caramel Gyoza with ice cream to satisfy your sugar cravings. Biting into a pork gyoza, the rich savoury meat was flavoured with a lovely spice and encased in a crispy chewy casing. Delicious!

Chinta Ria

Chinta Ria…Temple of Love. A fusion of Malay, Indian and Chinese cuisines that serves comfort food. Are you in the mood for love?

Mizuya Japanese Restaurant and Karaoke

Sadly this stall does not come with the restaurant’s high tech touch screen ordering system, 200 plus Japanese dishes or Karaoke entertainment. But don’t let that deter you!

The Ramen Burger

Yes, this is the infamous Ramen Burger. Two pan-fried ramen patties sandwich juicy, succulent beef short rib. Mouth watering good. A must have for any first timer. (or second, third…tenth). I have to say this was pretty greasy, and while the short rib was delicious, this is a bit of a challenge to eat.


Rolls Vietnam

Fancy something light? Then why not some Modern Vietnamese street food. Delicious sugar cane prawn’s with vermicelli noodles are wrapped in rice paper. The flavours were fresh and powerful, with the prawns being succulent and juicy. I also found the lotus root chips to be a lovely addition. Sure to hit the spot.


Spice Villa

As the name suggests – spicy! Butter chicken, Beef madras curry, beef vindaloo or samosa and rice are a few of the Indian dishes on offer.


Hoy Pinoy

Filipino BBQ skewers (2 for $10). Super popular, surrounded in smoke, a charcoal smoky scent in the air and with literally a line a mile long of hungry customers.


Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks

A popular Taiwanese food chain that sells a variety of popular snacks and desserts. This colourful selection of dessert pancakes were available and caught our attention. The Taro Pancake had that lovely sweet creamy texture that I love about taro.



The ever successful Thainabox. Customizable.


Bao Stop Sydney

Bao Stop delivers traditional Taiwanese and Chinese Street food with a twist! Their signature Gua Boo was with Singapore chili lobster and spring onion salad all in a sweet bun.


Lets Do Yum Cha

This mobile food truck was dishing our delicious BBQ pork buns, prawn and chive dumplings, chicken dim sims and vegetarian dumplings.


This veggie dumpling were exploding with fresh flavours, packed full of yummy greens and flavoured with garlic, chives and just a hint of chili. Held together by a sticky casing, these delicious mouthfuls are always a favourite option on the cart.


The Eight Modern Chinese

Sydney’s largest and most exclusive contemporary Chinese restaurant served peking duck, BBQ pork noodle, spring rolls and satay chicken skewers.



We are never able to resist a Mango Pancake. Zilver delivered! The mango was fresh and tart contrasting well with the sweet cream and sponge inside. These are a must when dining at zilver and easily my favourite mart of yum cha.

dsc06469[1]dsc06474[1]Mini Pancakes

After all this food, I decided I would treat myself to some dessert. Mini pancakes with chopped strawberries drizzled in chocolate sauce and dashes with icing sugar to be exact!



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