The Oaks, Neutral Bay


This Six States of Beer event, which is their 5th event, was held at The Oaks in Neutral Bay. This event focused on QLD beer and seafood. Hosted by the Beer Diva Kirrily Waldhorn and with dishes created by chef Danny Russo.


Beer Diva – Kirrily Waldhorn’s

The Beer Diva passionately described the beers on offer.


BigHead by the Burleigh Brewing Company was served on arrival starting off a night of good beer drinking. BigHead is full of flavour and zero carbs. A smooth, balanced and easy to drink beer that can easily accompany any meal.


Hef – Burleigh Brewing Company

Burleigh Hef is made from one of the bigger craft breweries in QLD. A sweet, yeasty, refreshing and delicate beer, full of flavour without being overpowering.


Burleigh Hef was paired with crab cake’s and oaks slaw slider. Two miniature brioche buns were jam packed with hunks of crab, cheese, shredded slaw and rocket. These were really tasty little mouthfuls.


Pale Ale – Four Hearts Brewing Company

Four Hearts Brewing Company is not yet a brewery but will be by Christmas. This is their first beer brewed commercially. It is actually quite a deep amber colour with high malt and an almost passionfruity flavour.


The Pale Ale was accompanied by crispy flash fried squid and school of prawns. These bite sized treats of the sea were served with a squid ink aioli. Drizzle with fresh lime to bring out the hot character element of the beer.


Whole baked snapper with Thai flavours, Asian greens and rice

Spicy, spicy, spicy! This beautiful fish was cooked whole in a fantastic green curry keeping it moist and flakey. This was matched with a cool glass of Anzus IPA from the Fortitude Brewing Company. A very fresh and clean beer which had an overwhelming fragrance and flavour of pine and fruit. This beer did well to quench the heat from this dish.


Bacchus Brewing – White Chocolate and Raspberry Pilsener

Yes! This is beer, you wouldn’t think so, but it is! A bizarre mix. Ross Kenrick, owner of Bacchus Brewing in Brisbane, uses a large amount of vanilla to create its sweet chocolate flavour. This is then mixed with fresh berries. Refreshing and surprising not as sweet as it looks.

dsc06264[3]White Chocolate Mousse with Raspberries and Sea Salt Snow

Looking at this dish, you would think that this was just your standard White Chocolate Mousse. In fact, its made using fresh seafood. The white chocolate mousse is made using scallops that have been pureed and mixed into cream. The biscuits are made from calamari which has been blitzed, mixed and baked. Lastly the juice has been made with anchovy oil. Accompanied by a refreshing Beermosa, (beer and orange juice) this was a lovely meal to end the night on.


Danny Russo gives us a run down on all his delicious dishes of the night


2 Hungry Guys attended the 6 States of Beer Event at The Oaks as a guest

The Oaks Hotel

118 Military Road,
Neutral Bay, NSW 2089

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