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Malaysian Delights.

For those who aren’t aware, PappaRich first started in 2005 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and today has more than 70 outlets worldwide. We visited the busy Broadway location. Here diners are given a order form and a pencil to write down which dishes they want.

Usually super busy with a line of hungry diners waiting to get in, the service is quick, friendly and efficient. Once you’ve written what you want you simply press the button on you table and a waiter is there in seconds to collect your order.

Lychee Cincau Iced – grass jelly, lychee crushed ice 5.90

I saw this on the menu and though ” Hell no!” But after a slight push from the friendly manager I ordered it just for the fun of it. I was very surprised to find that it was both refreshing and really delicious. Ill definitely be ordering it again.


Roti Kaya – coconut jam 7.90

By far my favourite dish of the day. The crispy golden pastry sandwiches a layer of oh-so-good coconut jam thats perfect to eat with the spicy dishes.

Curry Laska Seafood 14.90

A great laska full of rich spicy flavor. I’ve found with seafood laska in the past that they’re all soup and noodles and barely any seafood, so I was really happy with just how much they packed into this dish.

Chilli Pan Mee 14.50 Spicy

Another great dish! The egg is very gently poached allowing you to mix it and the chilli sauce into the bowl, coating everything in a rich, creamy sauce. Sensational!

Nasi Lemak Beef Rendang 14.50

A really solid dish, the pieces of beef were mouth watering. I ended up mixing everything together into one big spicy meaty mess and wolfing this down. So good!


Milo Dinosaur 4.90 and Teh Tarik 3.90

With over 60 types of beverages from coffee, tea, organic soya milk to exotic concoctions how could you ever choose?

Teh Tarik literally means pulled tea. And this is how tea is pulled…

Egg sago pudding 6.90

Not everyone is a fan of sago but I really love it. This one was particularly special having a creme caramel egg pudding in the middle. A really nice way to end the meal if you ask me.


PappaRich is a fantastic place for a cheap casual meal that doesn’t skimp on quality, service, or flavour.


5/185 Broadway,
Ultimo, NSW 2007

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