Bentley Restaurant and Bar, Sydney

dsc05769[2]Welcome, NEW Bentley Restaurant and Bar. Welcome.

Recently reopening, Sommelier Nick Hildebrandt and chef Brent Savage have moved Bentley from its Crown Street Surry Hills roots to the ground floor of the Sydney City heritage-listed Radisson Blu.


Fresh sourdough

Is it bad that I’m usually more excited for the bread than anything else?


Complimentary smoked eel and mash crisp

Perfect little parcels to pop in your mouth. The smoked eel had a very distinct woody taste and was encased in a crispy outside shell.


Sea Urchin, Crab and Carrot $18

This dish had a strong and pungent flavour of the sea and I’ve got to admit this was my first time trying sea urchin. Lets just say, I’ll be eating it again.


Quail, Smoked Celery and White Soy Dressing $26

The quail was perfectly cooked to pink perfection and was moist and tender. However, I felt the celery was a tad boring, apart from adding a fresh crunch to the dish I wish they had done more with it.

dsc05744[1]Alpine Salmon + Malt + Mandarin + Black Sausage Crumbs $26

The salmon was perfectly cooked to pink perfection – oh wait I’ve already said that. Well anyway it was. Perfectly cooked that is, and doused in that gorgeously zingy mandarin dressing. I’m a big fan of black sausage and would have liked to have tasted more than ‘crumbs’, but alas the rules of fancy dining persist. I guess they needed to make room for those ‘necessary’ leaves…


Pork Cheek, Garlic and Yoghurt Puree, Radicchio and Jamon $26

If it’s pork, it’s on my fork! Forgive the cheesy line but it’s a mantra I’ve based my entire foodie career on. I just can’t resist. Tender, juicy, with a nice char on it. I really enjoyed this dish.


Duck Breast + parsnip + Orange + Wattle $42

Meal of the night goes to this rustic looking dish. The duck was succulent and worked really well with the buttery sweetness of the roasted parsnips.


O’Connor’s Beef Sirloin + Asparagus + Salsify + Charred Onion $46

Cooked to a lovely medium rare, this was a great dish taste wise but missed the wow factor that you expect from a place like this.


Moreton Bay Bugs + Snapper + Shellfish Broth $44

A really great dish. The bugs were meaty and the snapper was nice and flakey. I’ve got to say that I  was surprised to see the squid ink brioche on the plate. To tell you the truth, if the waiter hadn’t explained it I would have continued to think the kitchen had screwed up and burnt it to ash.


Kangaroo, Purple Carrot, Riberry Sauce and Native Pepper $42

Poor Skippy! You were tasty and delicious though.


 Aerated Chocolate + Pumpkin Ice-Cream + Buttermilk  $20

I’ve come to really enjoy pumpkin in desserts and this one was no different. Reminding me of a deconstructed pumpkin Aero Bar the aerated chocolate was rich and light at the same time, while the pumpkin was beautifully spiced.


Charred milk custard + beetroot + raspberry + chervil ice  $20

Wasn’t a fan of this dish at all. Maybe it’s just me but all I got from this dish was cold parsley and dried beetroot.


Violet Ice-Cream + Cocoa Honeycomb + Blueberry $20

Now this was a beautiful dish, not just esthetically but in flavor and texture. I loved how unique the violet ice cream was and how the cocoa honeycomb just melts in your mouth. Definitely the stand out dish of the night and one that fulfilled the standard of ‘WOW’ I expect from Bentley.

In addition, the award-winning Bentley and sommelier/co-owner Nick Hildebrandt have put together an impressive wine list of over 600 local and overseas bottles. The list even contains rare and limited wines. Wow.

Bentley is not cheap. Super-duper special occasions only.

Bentley Restaurant & Bar

Radisson Blu Hotel
27 O’Connell Street,
Sydney, NSW 2000

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  1. I agree about the squid ink brioche – there’s no coherent color scheme on that dish. Also, the desserts strike me as pretty molecular, in contrast to the savories. Not necessarily a bad thing, just a different style


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