Sundweesh, Mobile Food Truck/Catering


Sundweesh, what’s a Sundweesh?

Well, we had the opportunity of tasting a couple at the Smooth Festival of Chocolate at the Rocks this weekend. And oh my…


Hello Manar! Mother of Sundweesh.

Meeting Manar, the owner of Sundweesh, was a great experience. You could tell she’s really passionate about her food and has invested a lot of herself into what she is creating.  She explained that as a young girl she always enjoyed cooking, in particular creating her own versions of the sandwiches she grew up with. Her father, coming from a Middle Eastern background would pronounce the word sandwich, “Sundweesh” and just like that – the idea was born. Manar has put a lot of hard work into building a succesful business that provides tasty wholesome food that’s easy to eat and is genuinely delicious.


Falafel with Tabouli & Hummus, Grilled Chicken with Peri Peri Slaw and Kafta with Taboulli & Hummus ($12 each, 2 for $20, 3 for $30)

Kafta with Taboulli & Hummus

A Middle Eastern specialty the kafta is tender with a smokey, chargrilled quality that really sets it apart. Accompanied by a creamy hummus and fragrant taboulli. I demolished this in about 3 mouthfuls and still wanted more.


Grilled Chicken with Peri Peri Slaw

Another superb option! The tasty chicken morsels are coated in a spicy peri peri sauce and mix really well with the crunchy fresh taste of the slaw. The custom Lebanese bread bases are the perfect size (not too big, not too small) to hold without spilling.

If you don’t see Sundweesh selling their fantastic food at the latest festivals you can catch them privately as they offer catering services with lots of tasty options that come to you.

Remember it’s not a sandwich, its a Sundweesh!


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  1. Hi
    I’m looking for a mobile food option for a whole school family picnic in Canberra? We have 1500 students and their families that are all invited on 19 Feb for a whole school picnic and grand opening of a primary school building. We are not looking to do any fundraising but want to have food options for families to buy instead of having the only option to bring a picnic. Would you be interested?
    Rachel Gurney Events Manager Canberra Grammar School m.0422696186

  2. Middle Eastern BBQ in Australia! That’s what I am talking about. Food trucks bring the best cuisine to the streets. I am super happy to see you doing well! Thanks for the share.


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