Sarazine La Creperie, Mobile Food Truck


A visit to the Smooth Festival of Chocolate at the Rocks is not complete without eating crepes. A big thankyou to Gaetane and Andrew from Sarazine La Creperie for letting us try their crepes. Delicious!  


Meet Sarazine, she is a caravan. A retro red and white caravan, that pumps out delicious gourmet French savoury and sweet crêpes all over Sydney.


Sarazine means ‘Buckwheat’ in French, a fitting name as this is the key ingredient in their delicious crepe base.


Andrew doing his thang..


Sizzle Sizzle


Dont forget to ask for lots of that amazing gruyere cheese


You squeeze that!


The finished product:  gruyere, asparagus and egg crepe. Finished with a good squeeze of Dijon mustard and rolled into the perfect snack to walk around with, the flavours in this blew my mind. From the freshness of the asparagus and strength of the Dijon to the richness of the cheese and egg. You really must try this!


Being at a chocolate festival I had to sample this glorious cocoa crepe. This light fluffy crepe is full of an intense cocoa flavor and drizzled with white chocolate and berry compote. Finished with a good helping of whipped cream I was surprised at just how similar these are to crepes in Paris. I may even venture to say they are better…


The final crepe of the day was a stunner not only on the taste buds but on the eyes too. Buckwheat base with goats cheese, ham and mushroom, I particularly enjoyed spreading the runny egg yolk all over the crepe giving it a rich creaminess.

Sarazine La Creperie

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  1. Please let me know if you can come out to our school with your truck and be part of our French day. Cerdon College Merrylands.
    Please let me know if you are available on the 20th November at 11am?

  2. We have a blueberry farm looking for foodvans
    Constant flow of tourists, up to 150 per day from now until 30Jan.

    Would you be interested in joining us?

    Regards Kelvin


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