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I have such fond memories of my youth, particularly the good old days where a cheese and tomato jaffel was a staple to any kids diet. Id place the sandwich in my breville jaffel maker close the lid and sit and wait for the little yellow light to turn green. Then all excitedly grab the hot little pockets in my hands take one big bite. Of course I completely burn my mouth as the cheese and tomato emulsion raced out like liquid magma, but I loved it all the same. Fond memories those, fond memories…

In saying that, if you’re a stickler for nostalgia or you just want something really tasty to eat, keep your eyes peeled for a bright yellow VW Kombi van around town. It belongs to Jafe Jaffles who unlike the old school cheese and tomato jaffel put a modern (and gourmet) spin of these iconic treats.

We were lucky enough find them at the Smooth Festival of Chocolate at the Rocks.

dsc05874[1]We had a great chat to Pash (body featured above) who is a good friend of Luke Bridgford (head featured above). Luke is the owner and founder of Jafe Jaffles. At the time, Luke was travelling around Japan for what I can only assume was for jaffle inspiration. And because Luke wasn’t able to be here for this photo opportunity, Pash thought it would be a great idea for us to photoshop Luke’s head on his own body. We don’t normally doctor our photos but the jaffles were so damn good, how could we say no?


I bet you’ve never had a jaffle like these before. Two slices of bread, jam packed with new and delicious combinations toasted on an old fashion jaffle maker until golden brown. On offer were two meat options, along with a vegetarian option and a Nutella chocolate dessert jaffle. It was after all a chocolate festival!


“Jafael Nadal” – Roast Pumpkin, Quinoa, Feta, Marjoram & Pine Nuts with Mayo on Brown Loaf  ($8)

I never go for a vegetarian option but in the festival spirit  (and with a small push from Pash) I got  one anyway. I wasn’t disappointed.


Filled with ripe sweet pumpkin and creamy feta the quinoa really adds that much needed ‘fill factor’ that so many vegetarian options lack.


“666 Mark of the Beef” – 6 hour braised waggyu Beef in Smoky BBQ, Slaw & Pineapple Chili Jam Dip on White Loaf ($9)

Can you see how chockers full of goodness this jaffle is? They don’t skip on the fillings. The beef was tender and juicy, and goes so well with the crunchy slaw. I particularly liked the pineapple chili jam which packs a mild but significant heat and a fantastic sweet ‘n’ sour flavour. Like war and peace in your mouth.

You can follow Jafe Jaffles on Facebook and keep up to date with their destinations and see where they will be stopping by next. They are always around and are available for functions and events too.

Jafe Jaffles

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