Kitchen By Mike, Rosebery


Who is this Mike that we have been hearing so much about? Well, Mike is Mike McEnearney, formerly an Executive Chef at Rockpool and he has opened up a very unique dinning experience called Kitchen by Mike, based on a very simple concept. Mike aims to go against traditional dining norms and from this has created a cafeteria-style experience set in a Rosebery warehouse. The food is incredibly fresh and varies due to whats in season.


Walk up the ramp and enter the large industrial looking warehouse via the sliding doors.


Be prepared as you enter. When we arrived, it was quiet and deserted on the outside but as we entered and stepped into the warehouse we were surprised at the sheer amount of people inside, everywhere. This eatery is popular, and for good reason. The warehouse itself is a large open space with minimal and simple décor, rough brick walls and exposed beams. There are heaps of communal tables that fill the large open space. However, you have to be quick and keep your eyes open to grab a table.


The food available is displayed in counters and is also updated on their Facebook page. The prices of each offering is shown next to the dish and the idea is that you line up and make your way across the different displays building your plate from the options available. The options do vary daily and are based on the seasons however you can expect to find at least two meat or fish dishes available such as wood roasted herb chicken with carrots and salsa or the mackerel with asparagus and herb butter. In additional there are five or more salads to choose from including the blood orange, fennel, olive and pine nut salad; green bean, fig, hazelnut & feta salad or the cucumber with mirin & sesame; wood fired pumpkin with nigella seeds.

Standard options include Mike’s rustic sourdough bread ($3.50), wood-fired pizza ($8.50) or focaccia ($5.50), tartines ($9.50), quiches ($9.50) or wraps ($12).


Dessert options include puff pastry tart with pears, apples, apricots or plums, Rosewater & Pistachio meringues ($4.00) and a variety of cakes.


After lunch, stroll through the Koskela design room, located at the back of the warehouse sharing the same roof as Kitchen by Mike. Here they design and create unique Australian furniture, “destined to become classics”.

Kitchen by Mike is open for breakfast and lunch everyday and is a fun dining experience for everyone.

Kitchen By Mike

1/85 Dunning Ave,
Roseberry, NSW 2018



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