Biota Dining, Bowral

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Regional Restaurant of the Year 2014!

Biota is defined as “animals and plant life of a particular region”, so you can be assured that the produce is from local farmers and growers. In addition, Biota have their own glasshouse growing over 40 varietals of seed.


Walking past the duck pond and vegetable and herb garden, past the fern trees and pebbled track, step inside to a Nordic inspired sitting area. A combination of minimalist design, earthly soft tones and natural wood furnishings.


There are three dinning options available. There is an option for either a three, five or seven course meal.


House Made Trout Jerky with Finger Lime

What a way to start a meal! These flavoursome orange slices of house cured and air-dried ocean trout come out dressed as little flags of glory in a salt rock base. The salty ocean taste and chewy texture of the jerky are complimented by a surprise flavour explosion of the finger lime caviar.


Potato Onions Buttermilk and Pigs Skin

Great flavours in this dish. Soft butter milk curds lay on top of a bed of wafer thin slices of potato gently cooked in a broth of gently simmered onions. The crispy pig skins adorning the dish were a great addition due to the soft textures of most of the dish. All in all a decent dish however I think it would have been better if was served hot.


Egg Yolk with Cooked Curds Rye and Chickpea

A beautiful dish, starting with an ooey gooey egg yolk slow cooked to perfection and laying on top of silky sheets of pasta filled with delicate cooked curds. Embellished with crunchy rye crumbs that add texture and a buttery taste this outstanding dish was a favourite of the day.


Veal Tuna Belly Gathered Field Weeds

God I love a good tartare dish! Succulent little pieces of fresh belly tuna and veal mixed together with a light zesty dressing and topped with crunchy air dried cuttings of tuna adding the perfect textural balance.


Lamb Breast Dried Lactose Fresh & Cooked Oats

Tender and deliciously fatty the lamb was cushioned of a bed of a creamy mash potato like substance that I couldn’t seem to put my finger on. The flavours were very nice but the dried lactose reminded me of the crusty stuff around a milk lid.


Fig Leaf Ice Cream Olives Elderflower

This dessert was certainly an interesting one. Olive in a dessert? Why not? The fig leaf ice cream has a very subtle yet enjoyable flavour while the olive pacts a very obvious flavour hit. Peculiar but it some how works. Worth a try.


Malt Sponge Milk Ice Cream Burnt Hay Custard Camomile

Not much on the eyes and to tell you the truth not a lot on the tongue either. The milk ice cream was unmemorable, tasting like, well really cold milk. The malt sponge was ok, reminding me a bit of pannetone or hot cross buns. The custard was nice but there was no real wow factor to this dish.

All in all, we enjoyed our dinning experience at Biota. They have a fantastic private function dinning room, where you have the ability to watch a live feed direct from the kitchen. Whilst chatting we were able to see the chefs preparing our meals. A fantastic feature that shows the amount of work that goes into each of the dishes. Some dishes were a hit, whilst others were a miss. But overall, definitely worth the experience if you are in Bowral. 

Biota Dining

18 Kangaloon Rd,
Bowral, NSW

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