Ume Japanese Restaurant, Surry Hills

dsc00161[1]Kakuni – Dashi Braised Free Range Pork Belly Salt Pickled Cabbage, Corriander Broccolini, Crackling

Well done Ume. Mouthwatering! The pork is soft, full of flavour and falls apart in your mouth. The melt-in-your-mouth grisliness of the fat really going well with the saltiness of the pickled cabbage and the crunch of the broccolini. The crackling was divine matching the pork by melting as you chew it.


Edamame & House Pickles – I can never resist!


Seared Hokkaido Scallop, Shibanuma Shoyu brown butter, Finger Lime, Dulse

Wow! What a dish! By far my favourite of the night. The thinly sliced scallop sashimi is lightly seared and like silk on the tongue. Going so so well with the richness of the shoyu butter and the subtle umami of the dulse, the richness is cut by a fresh burst of zesty goodness from the scattered beads of finger lime. A must get dish!


Charcoal Roasted David Blackmore Wagyu House made Yuzu Kosho, Grilled Zucchini, Ponzu, Rice Crisps

Cooked to rare perfection the wagu is tender and buttery and is accompanied by grilled zucchini and house made yuzu kosho a salt-cured condiment made with yuzu citrus peel and chilies, it’s at once intensely fragrant, hot and alive, a zesty accent that plants a big, fat palate-popping kiss to this dish.


Nasu Dengaku – Baked Eggplant, Hatcho-Miso,Toasted Hazelnuts, Sansho, Dried Ginger

Another amazing dish. The baked eggplant was so soft I could have eaten it with a spoon. Flavoursome to say the least the strong salty flavour of the hatcho-miso gave a good basis to the dish while the toasted hazelnuts gave the crunch. Topping off the dish and adding dimension with a sprinkling of the Japanese pepper sansho give a sharp, citrusy punch, with an electrifying tingling numbness.


Cone Bay Barramundi, Brown Butter Roasted ‘Barra’ Jerusalem Artichoke, Crisp Wakame, Sea Herbs, Soy & Yuzu dressing

The barramundi is crispy on the outside with a beautifully firm flesh. I really loved the roasted jerusalem artichokes. They had an amazing earthy, buttery sweetness that was really tasty with the tartness of the Yuzu dressing and crisp saltines of the wakame.


Ume, Japanese for plum, is run by Tetsuya-trained Chef Kerby Craig and his wife Hiroko Muranishi. A small and cozy restaurant that packs a punch!

Ume Japanese Restaurant

478 Bourke Street,
Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW

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